Cheesecake stuffed strawberries

I had the family over for a big healthy meal this weekend and ended up trying a new, semi-healthy, fun dessert I’ve had my mind on for a while – strawberries stuffed with a cheesecake filling.

As always I had a helper in the kitchen. I think Maria (niece, not my kid!) is going to be quite the chef when she’s older because she wants to help me with everything in the kitchen!

First cut off the strawberry tops. Maria didn’t like any strawberry being wasted so she ate every fruity bite off the scraps and left a huge pile of little green leaves on the cutting board – a true environmentalist!

Scooping out the centers was SO much harder than I thought. I used a sharp knife and carefully cut out the centers. I can’t tell you how much cream cheese to use because it really depends on how many strawberries you’re making. I had about 16 so I used roughly 3 tablespoons of plain, full fat cream cheese and then added a teaspoon of sugar, maybe a bit more. You just need to keep trying it until it’s sweet to your liking. To make it more like a cheesecake I crushed two small sugary cookies in the mix.

After you’ve spooned the mix in the strawberries, crush another cookie and dip the tops in so it gets a “crust.”

The army of strawbs.

One of my favorite photos of the day – if this doesn’t tell you how good these strawberries are then I don’t know what will! A stuffed strawberry in each hand and one in her mouth.



13 thoughts on “Cheesecake stuffed strawberries

  1. Is that a Bens Chili Bowl apron? I used to be able to see that restaurant from my kitchen window, I lived across the street (and an empty lot!) after college, and thought it was so good. Now I think it was just good because I would go at 3 in the morning after drinking. Oh how times have changed!

    Great blog! What took you to the UK?

    • It is a Ben’s Chili Bowl apron! I was wondering if anyone would notice! I went only once because we’d heard about it – don’t remember where. It was pretty good! They had a GIANT picture of Obama in there because apparently he visited the restaurant when he first moved to DC. And thanks for the compliment I moved to England about 3 years ago. I’m having fun, but not sure how much longer we’ll stay, maybe a year or so?

    • Please do! I’d love to hear how it turns out! Like I said, the only “hard” part is scooping out the strawberry center because it’s so small and delicate, but other than that you won’t believe how easy it is.

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