Life after the London riots

When the London riots first started it was just like any other news story – something that happens to other people. It was on the other side of London, in a place I’d never go so I watched the news and went about my own London life.

Monday night while I was at work it spread throughout the whole city. I was angry, scared and then sad. One of my friends was attacked on the street and had his motorcycle, wallet and phone stolen in addition to a broken thumb. Another one of my friends couldn’t go home that night because there was literally a flaming van outside of her house:

She found out about this when she looked up and saw her apartment on the news. (Thanks to Manuela for sending me all the pics!)

There were so many attacks that the news channels couldn’t keep up so I found out through Twitter when my neighborhood was attacked.  The camera shop where I bought my D5000 was burned and looted, along with other stores nearby. The rioting was so widespread there was no predicting it, so we all had to work from home for two days.

Needless to say it’s been a crazy week and I can’t believe it’s Friday already. Because it’s been so hectic I decided to make my co-workers a treat for tonight.

I made white cheddar yoghurt cornbread using Emily’s recipe over at Daily Garnish. I absolutely love her recipes and this is the best cornbread I’ve ever had. 

Wanna know a secret? That’s actually my dress, and not a fun tablecloth! I wanted a bright summery mood for the photo given the dark week we’ve had in London, and when I looked down at my dress I figured “hey, why not?”

Have a great weekend everyone!


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