The world’s smallest muscles

I’m maaaaybe being hyperbolic. My muscles aren’t the world’s smallest, but if I could take a look at the muscles on my shoulders I’m pretty sure they’d look like a couple ultra thin, floppy pieces of parma ham. I’m so weak!

(image source)

I decided to start weight training again for multiple reasons, but largely because I missed the way I looked and felt back in college when I was in Air Force ROTC and because I’ve read in so many places that weight training also makes you a stronger, fitter runner.(Can you believe that’s me in the front during my AFROTC days?? Seems like so long ago!)

Although I’ve said before that considering the competition for such jobs I’m so lucky to have a job as an editor for a news wire, it’s difficult working in an office and not moving for 8.5 hours every day. SO that is why I decided back in April to sign up for the Air Force Marathon 10k Sept 17 when I’m back in Ohio visiting family.

Have I ever even completed a 5k race? Nope! Not an official one anyway. I wanted a lofty goal. I felt a 5k would be too easy because I already know I can run 3 miles with minimal training, but I’ve never in my life run a 10k – competition or not.

Back to my parma ham muscles. Yes, that’s the problem. I’m incredibly weak. Weight lifting has been challenging, but getting stronger hasn’t been the benefit I was expecting.

As I was doing the dishes tonight my arms were wobbly but I noticed I was smiling. Who smiles and does dishes?

Every time I lift weights I feel so much happier for hours, if not days. Not for being stronger, but for accomplishing difficult goals. For making a schedule and sticking to it. For choosing to better myself.

I’ve finally stopped reading other people’s blogs about their accomplishments and started working on my own accomplishments. It’s exciting, and fun! When I was working out in college I used as a starting point, and I’ve always found it to be the best source of information. It also has workout templates and videos for each exercise, no matter what method you are choosing to lift, whether it be machines, dumbbells, etc.

Today is Monday – the perfect chance for all of us to pick something and stick to it. Let’s make the most of today!


What are your thoughts?

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