Cool veggie pizza (with a home made ranch base!)

Recipe time! I feel like I should have a theme song when I say that. It might be quite cool.

Speaking of cool, I can’t get enough of this cool veggie pizza. The reason it’s so good was purely experimental. In England it’s hard to get good ranch dressing (and impossible to get the flavor packs), so I decided to randomly Google what seasonings are in those little flavor packs and then just choose some from a few different recipes.

Guess what? I already had all the spices in my cabinet – as you most likely do as well. I don’t like buying any dressings in bottles due to the general scary list of ingredients and so I buy them only sparingly, but this recipe ensures I’ll never need to buy ranch again!

Although I’m putting the recipe in a cream cheese base, I’ve also made it using organic Greek yoghurt and mayonnaise to create an actual dressing (I’ll post that recipe soon).

I suppose in the future I’ll move more toward a strict recipe format, but for now I hate doing that. I just feel like some things shouldn’t be strict. This is a perfect example. I want you to enjoy this pizza as much as I did, but that totally depends on your taste. I can give you a guideline, but ultimately you are the one who should decide how strong you want your ranch base or how much carrot versus cucumber you want.

First start buy getting your pizza base ready. I bought a half-bake base, so I heated mine for 10 minutes and let it cool while making the other ingredients.

For the base I used about half a cup of cream cheese and a tablespoon of mayonnaise to make it more spreadable.

To make a ranch flavor use:
– Onion powder
– Garlic powder
– Salt
– Parsley
– Paprika
– Pepper
I also added a bit of dill to mine. It’s important to use only a couple shakes of each, mix it up, then taste it. The onion and garlic powders are especially strong, so go small at first then add another shake if you need a fuller flavor.

I used a cheese grater to grate a single, medium carrot, and then diced half of a large cucumber. I used maybe 4 green onions and chopped those finely as well.

Spread the ranch cream cheese on the cool pizza base, then spread the carrot and cucumber. Top it all off with a big handful of green onions, slice into triangle pizza slices and serve! I guarantee you’ll love this pizza – perfect summer treat.


6 thoughts on “Cool veggie pizza (with a home made ranch base!)

    • I’m the same way – I do eat meat but I prefer a mostly vegetarian diet. This pizza is perfect for a weekend lunch, especially during the summer! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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