Frank’s Red Hot tofu and home made ranch spinach salad

Does anyone else get as excited about Frank’s Red Hot sauce as I do? My dad would always bbq chicken wings and we’d dip them in a big bowl of Frank’s, so ever since I was a little kid I’d just dip my fingers in the stuff and lick it straight off. Frank’s Red Hot + Me = True Love.

I love how the colors pop.

To make home made ranch dressing to serve one salad, take 2 table spoons of greek yogurt and 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise. Give a dash each of garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, paprika, salt, pepper, dill and mix. Add more to make it stronger, but be sparing with the garlic and onion powder because a little goes a long way. Mix it all up and enjoy!

I can understand how some people may not like tofu, and to be honest I don’t love it. With Frank’s, however, this isn’t a problem at all because the flavor of the sauce is so strong. I just fried the firm, diced tofu in a lot of big splashes of Frank’s. Coupled with the cool ranch dressing you’ll hardly notice it’s tofu rather than chicken.



10 thoughts on “Frank’s Red Hot tofu and home made ranch spinach salad

    • I know what you mean. Tofu is kinda hit or miss. I think it works here because Frank’s is such a strong flavor, and the creamy ranch as well kinda drowns it out. Definitely give it a try – I hope you like it!!

  1. I LOVE Frank’s! I only discovered it in 2005 and I was honestly upset with a few friends for never telling me about it before then.

    Tofu comes and goes for me, tastewise. I just found some fieldroast that I could get at the store before we left for Sicily. I am waiting to get into our apartment and then will start searching the surrounding neighborhoods for my veg dietary needs. I will keep this recipe in mind. I love it that you shared a do it yourself ranch recipe, it is so easy!

    • I love to meet other Frank’s lovers!

      I agree with you about tofu. Most of the time it’s a no for me, but sometimes it’s great. And definitely try out the ranch!

      I can’t wait to read more about your Italian adventures 🙂

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