The pain of following recipes

I can’t follow recipes. I read a recipe and my hand immediately flies in a different direction and changes something. It’s always something.

I feel like cooking becomes a job when I follow recipes. When I develop a recipe or put my own spin on an existing recipe I feel like I’m creating something. Like it’s an art. It’s mine. But it’s certainly not a job like it is when I’m following a recipe someone else has poured their heart into making.

I suppose that’s why I have such a difficult time with my own food blog. I absolutely love sharing my recipes and pictures. I feel if I don’t post my recipe down the smallest ounce that you can have a kind of freedom with it. If it’s something more complicated then obviously I’ll give measurements. Many times though, I don’t make things that are made with a strict amount of ingredients. And that’s why it’s fun!

Does anyone else have a difficult time following recipes?


12 thoughts on “The pain of following recipes

  1. Oh yes, I completely agree with you, but this drives my husband batty when he tries to recreate a meal I made. “How much cumin?”
    Me: “Uhh, somewhere between a teaspoon and a gallon? I can’t remember. Guesstimate!”
    It’s a wonder there’s been no bloodshed in the kitchen thus far.

    • I should have written that in my post as well – my husband also does not like when I mess with recipes. He’s always like “It’s obviously fine how it is so don’t risk it!” Or like you said, if he asks how much I’ll say, “However much looks right!” Does not like that.

  2. I just found your blog 🙂 glad I did! When I’m cooking I don’t always follow the recipe exactly – not necessary! I like to make changes to suit my taste. When I’m baking I always follow the recipe!

    • I should have written that as a side note – when baking I do follow the recipes because I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m not a baker!! That could go horribly wrong I’ve realized, so until I know more about baking I’ll be forced to change only the tiniest of things!

  3. I’m with you! I can read recipes all day, but when I actually go to cooking one, I usually don’t follow it that closely. I try to write my recipes down, but most measurements are an approximation. This also drives my hubby crazy. I’ll make something, and when he likes it, he always says, “that was good, now don’t go messing with it! Keep it the same!!!!!” I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who can’t just keep to the recipe!!!! It’s like AA…Hi, I’m Alyssa and I can’t follow recipes 🙂

    • My husband says the same thing! If I say I’m making a recipe that I’ve made before and he really liked it he’ll be like DON’T change anything it was perfect. Uh oh! Don’t remember exactly what I did … 🙂

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