The food Matrix

Remember in the Matrix when one of the characters is talking about how he’d rather be in the Matrix tasting steak than in the real world eating grits?

That’s sometimes how I feel about food knowledge (where it comes from, what’s in it, how it’s produced, etc.). Once I started asking questions about what I was eating I had more and more questions.

I used to be able to buy any kind of fruit at any time of the year in the supermarket because I didn’t care enough to notice the differences in flavors and freshness, and the effect shipping a fruit across the world has on its quality.

Quality of fruit is what brings me to my point. I miss blueberries in the winter. I miss them so, so much. I recently discovered Greek yogurt (don’t know how I’d missed it my whole life!) and I can’t get enough of Greek yogurt pots covered in granola, honey and fresh fruit.

I always put it in a wine glass because it seems like such a special treat when I do that! My husband requests a pot any time we have Greek yogurt and fruit in the house, which is almost every day now.

Oh, you want a recipe? I have one for once!

Take a small wine glass, cup or bowl and drizzle honey around the sides so it will drip down to the bottom.

Put 3-4 heaping tablespoons of Greek yogurt in the cup. Top with 2 table spoons of granola and a big handful of fresh berries. My favorites are blueberries and strawberries, but it’s also great with raspberries and blackberries in the mix as well.

Drizzle a small amount of honey over the top and you have yourself a great breakfast, mid-morning snack or after-dinner treat.

(This breakfast was great, but I’d eaten all the fruit so it was a honey, granola, yogurt pot!)

This dish works for any time throughout the day because of its natural, creamy sweetness.

I’m happy to live real life now but once winter comes and the berries are out of season I might vote for the Matrix again …


6 thoughts on “The food Matrix

  1. I know what you mean!! Sometimes it’s so overwhelming, it’s easy to hit the point of “despair” and think – well, what can I possibly do now?? But, I try to use that discomfort and channel it into positive action (e.g. I don’t buy tomatoes in the Winter here in the US for human rights reasons).
    There’s something very satisfying about taking action as a result of education (it’s something between feeling empowered and feeling in control). Over the Summer, I borrowed a food dehydrator from a family member so I can enjoy summer’s best fruits and squash later in the year (and I repay her with some fruit dried blueberries and cherries of course! – foods that are usually very expensive). I know it’s not the same as fresh, but in kind of a weird way because I know it’s the best for me, for the environment, and for my morality, it’s still just as satisfying??

    Cute serving idea with the wine glass! Looks beautiful!

    • Wow! You are way ahead of me with the food dehydrator! 🙂 That sounds like a great idea. I’ve decided I’m going to try to make the most out of winter vegetables this year. I have never been too big on them, so I’m going to try to develop some really fun, yet simple, recipes.
      Oh, and although sometimes I wish to be in the Matrix, you are right. I get so much more satisfaction out of making the right choices now!

    • I’ve learned to appreciate bananas more. I’ve started making banana bread and muffins and it’s so much better! Also, for some reason I can’t eat bananas unless they are sliced. I don’t know why – they just taste better.

  2. I’m actually reasonably satisfied with the frozen fruit at my supermarket. Nothing compares to apples and peaches straight from the orchard behind my dad’s house, but for smoothies and such, frozen does nicely.
    I started making my own yogurt every week a bit over a year ago, and boy do you feel like a crunchy granola type eating homemade yogurt with just some fruit and a bit of honey!

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