If you ever come to London …

… go to Borough Market.

If for nothing else, go for the sights.

This market is the biggest I’ve ever been to. As soon as you walk in you’re surrounded by giant colorful displays of every vegetable and food you can imagine. The market is also filled with the smells of dozens of food stalls selling fresh, innovative food.

Great for people watching too!

Don’t know why, but I kinda wanted to dive into this giant pit of tomatoes. Not really a pit, but you know what I mean 🙂


They really know how to sell! Rows and rows of beautifully aligned mushrooms.

I feel so lucky to be able to go here on my lunch break. I would have taken more pictures, but I waited in line for an iced espresso so long that I ran out of time. Perfect excuse to go back, I think!


25 thoughts on “If you ever come to London …

  1. Great photos!

    I know what you mean about wanting to jump into the tomato pit. When I see the rows of gorgeous fruits and vegetables, sometimes I just want to plunge my hands in and get the sensory overload of feeling the smooth veggie skin in between my fingers, on my hands and up to my wrists.

  2. Oh yum. Your pictures make those tomatoes look so juicy and delicious. It’s on my bucket list to visit London and eat fish and chips… but maybe I’ll just go get some of these gorgeous veggies. 🙂

    • Even better – you can go to Borough Market, see veggies AND eat fish and chips! I saw a couple stalls there selling fish and chips the other day 🙂 This market has everything!

  3. *sigh* London … I want to visit so badly! One day …

    I agree w/ everyone on the tomatoes. I can’t stand raw tomatoes, but something about gorgeous, REAL tomatoes (not the grocery store crap) just makes me want to take a big bite.

    Your pics are fabulous!

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  5. I love that market, it’s amazing – so many things to try and to buy. I don’t really enjoy London that much though… at least not for too long at any one time… I’m from the countryside you see 😀 I much prefer Bristol. London does have amazing things to do and see though, great photography.

    • I completely understand how one could not like London. It’s so stressful with all the people and cities are just so dirty! I guess I like Borough Market so much because it reminds me that life isn’t all dirty city grime 🙂

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