Pinterest addiction: Halloween edition

Ah, Pinterest. It makes me want to quit my job to stay home every day and live the life of a domestic goddess.

I see so many fun ideas I’ve decided to start sharing a couple each week. Sometimes I feel like I get stuck in a rut of making the same recipes over and over, so I hope Pinterest will inspire me to make something I wouldn’t ordinarily make.

Number one this week on the fun list:

Candy corn cupcake.

One day for some reason I asked my husband what kind of candy he wanted me to buy. He’s from England, so he said something along the lines of liking “those little orange things.” Or course it took me a while to figure out that he meant candy corn, because I’ve never actually met anyone who admits to liking them.

Then I found these cupcakes on Pinterest and thought maaayybe someday I’d make them for him. 🙂 I am a bit worried about finding them in England, though. I think they may be an American delicacy. ha!

Next up: Ritzy Halloween Spiders!

I know these are hokey, but they make me want kids just so I can make stuff like this and get away with it.

I want to make these bell pepper eggs this weekend. So easy, so healthy, so fun.

The only bad thing about Pinterest is that there is an abundance of cupcake ideas and general (literally) sweet ideas. OK, I know I just posted a cupcake AND a sweet snack, but generally I don’t make sweets! I promise!

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10 thoughts on “Pinterest addiction: Halloween edition

  1. Oh my gosh–those bell peppers eggs almost make me want to give up being vegan. TOO CUTE. And THANK YOU for sharing your sister’s creepy dude story, I feel so much better knowing I’m not the only one out there attracting the wackos.

    And now I want to know if candy corn exists in other countries–update, please 😀

    • Sure will! Those eggs are pretty cute, but maybe there’s something else you could put and use the bell pepper as a mold in the same way? I have no idea, and I’m not vegan but I always love to try to think of other options!

    • Yeah, we’ll definitely be friends! It gets better and better the more friends you have because then you’ll have lots of new pins on your home page every day. Give it a chance!

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