An awkward story and a funny picture

Instead of having 5 pounds of weight gain go strictly to my stomach, making me look pregnant*, all the weight could go to my boobs. Imagine having to say, “OMG, my boobs are so huge right now. I’ve been eating too many fried pickles and cheeseburgers!”

*When I worked at Banana Republic I worked with a girl who was like me and only really gained weight in her stomach. One of the security guards asked her how far along she was, and the girl had to tell her she wasn’t pregnant. Awkward. This is why you should never ask about a baby until the woman in question talks about it, or she starts rubbing her bump as pregnant women do. (Which I also find a bit awkward. Don’t know why.)

Have a lovely Tuesday.


13 thoughts on “An awkward story and a funny picture

  1. DANG! That’s a story:) I do love that thought…and as I once heard, “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips.”

    And don’t we know never, ever, ever, to ask a woman if she’s prego. Oy!

  2. Haha, my friend was at Subway and talked about “craving a meatball sub,” and the woman asked her if she was pregnant…it was still awkward. I’m pretty sure everyone craves things from time to time even when not pregnant…

  3. Everything goes straight to the boobs when you’re nursing, no lie! 🙂

    I definitely rubbed the belly while pregnant and here’s why: I always wanted people to be absolutely certain that I was indeed pregnant and not just fat. Rubbing the belly sends that message without question, as you’ve noticed:)

    • I’ve always wondered, do your boobs shrink back to normal size after a couple years or do they stay giant? I’d be sad if mine got big and then went small again.

      I saw this woman at the pub this weekend who looked pregnant, but she had two GIANT glasses of wine and was smoking as well. I couldn’t believe it, but I thought maybe she wasn’t. I realized for sure that she was pregnant when she kept rubbing her belly and looking down at it. Unless she was just fat and was rubbing it in disgust.

      • Sadly I think they shrink back:( But I’m enjoying the bigger size while I can!

        Haha, I kind of like to think she was just rubbing her fat belly in disgust or maybe she had gas, lol:)

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