What are GMOs?

I’m sure a lot of you already know what GMOs are, but I found this infographic by Nature’s Path and I wanted to repost. I didn’t realize how many GMOs are in American food until I came to England. Any time I buy a product in England (say, at Whole Foods) produced in the United States there is always a sticker warning consumers that the product contains GMOs.


9 thoughts on “What are GMOs?

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  2. Glad you shared! This poster touches on so very many different issues, and it’s a good start for introducing folks to differences in food standards nation to nation. Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks – I found it on Twitter I think! I really should go on Twitter more because I find so many cool things. I find it really interesting that the US is often the only country in the world or in the Western world to do or not do certain things. For example, this isn’t related to food but the US is one of the only countries in the world to not have a law requiring jobs to provide paid maternity leave for women. It’s crazy! I’ve learned so much about the US while I’ve been in Europe, oddly enough.

      • I believe you! I’ve found the same in my environmental studies. I think it’s that over here, we’re too busy screaming “We’re number ooooooone!!!” to hear about all the way we’re falling way way way behind in social and environmental justice issues. I’m not going to even start on what happens when someone tries to point these things out… How is Europe these days? I’m looking for a place to go on to Ph D and EU/Canada/AUS looks more promising everyday!!

        • It’s refreshing in a lot of ways. I miss being in the US and I still think life is better over there in the long run (for me anyway) but it’s very nice being around educated people all the time. No one here is bothered with “we’re number one” crap. The most refreshing thing for me is not hearing religious arguments brought into every political act. It’s just not talked about like it is in the US, it’s the total opposite so I think that clears out many of the crazies. You’d never have a candidate like Sarah Palin or George Bush here.

          But in terms of travel, it’s really easy here and things are totally different in the span of a one hour plane ride. So much fun and so cheap.

          • Ok hang on….

            Educated discussions? check
            Apathetic to jingoistic mindsets? check
            Religion =/= Politics? check
            Easy and affordable travel? check

            Oh my, I believe I just turned pure green with envy!

            I do know what you mean though, no matter where you go, it’ll never quite be home – even if it sounds like a realistically achievable paradise!

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