Mini veggie puff pastry quiche

Veggie-heavy mini puff pastry quiche – a lot of adjectives, but that’s exactly what this is! This “quiche” is officially my new favorite dinner/lunch/breakfast. It’s perfect for any meal because it’s … PERFECT.

I put quotes around quiche because it’s not really a quiche.  I might start calling it puff quiche because that’s easier. Is puff quiche a thing? If not, it is now.  Quiches are egg and crust heavy where as these beauties are veggie heavy and the puff pastry bottom makes for a light, fluffy crust.
Confession: I used to be scared of puff pastry. I always regarded it in the category of “things that are too complicated for my kitchen skills and desires.” How stupid was I? It really couldn’t be simpler. Buy the puff pastry block, slice it and flatten. Done. Making my own puff pastry is still filed under “things that are too complicated for my kitchen skills and desires.”

I lined puff pieces along the bottoms of a greased cupcake pan, put a tiny piece of herbed cream cheese in each and then filled each with a veggie-egg mixture.

If you’re like me you take a few bites of egg and you’re sick of it. For this reason I decided to make this mixture mostly vegetables – fresh spinach, red bell pepper and onion. I finely diced half an onion and a whole red bell pepper, and cooked them on low heat until just soft. At this point I threw in two giant handfuls of fresh baby spinach and cooked until slightly wilted.

I drained the liquid from the pan and set in a bowl to cool for about 10 minutes. I added two eggs, about a quarter cup of whole milk, a couple shakes of garlic powder + sea salt and stirred until nice and mixed.

I honestly have no idea what happened to the quality of the before pictures in relation to the finish product pics. It’s this English sun! One minute it’s nice and everything is right with the world, and the next minute the sky looks like you’ll never see sunshine again.

I topped each quiche with a tiny piece of herbed cream cheese. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about a pastry top as well, so for half of them I placed on top a piece of puff pastry that I dipped in the small amount of remaining egg. They were both good, but to save on calories and fat I’d leave the pastry top off. Plus, if you leave it off you can see the bright colors peeping out of the top.

These take only about  a half an hour to make. Maybe 10 minutes prep and 20 minutes bake time at 200 Celcius / 400 F. Also, small ingredient list:

I hope you’ll find these as easy and tasty as I did!


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