Hungry for Pinterest: Best Food Finds This Week

I know these are hot dogs, which are disgusting in a good kind of way, but these are adorable. Mummy dogs!

I don’t think I even need to comment on these:

Must. Try. I have a thing about food baked in muffin pans.

I adore tomato soup. I always dip a peanut butter sandwich in my tomato soup. I absolutely have to. People think this combo is weird, but I can’t imagine tomato soup without it! Red Wine & Chipotle Roasted Tomato Soup:

You can find me on Pinterest at:

You should totally join because I’ll feel better about all the time I waste on it. It’s always better if you can say, “But everyone else is doing it!!!”


12 thoughts on “Hungry for Pinterest: Best Food Finds This Week

  1. I am obsessed with pinterist. It’s unhealthy, haha.

    I have actually made those lil mummies, big hit!! Pilsbury has amazing holiday recipes on their site.

    I just found you on Pinterist! Yea:)

  2. Hahaha that Mummy Hot dog picture popped up HUGE on my “following” feed. I agree with you that hot dogs are sort of disturbing, but the picture is hilarious.

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