The benefits of wearing a banana suit

I had a friend in college who had a giant chicken suit and he wore it on campus one time. The campus police made him leave, and I thought it was the biggest mistake they ever made.

This banana suit might be better, though.



13 thoughts on “The benefits of wearing a banana suit

  1. A classmate wore a banana suit every Halloween in law school. It was great. Totally made me feel happier when I saw him.

    For a holiday work party one time, we had a team scavenger hunt. One way to earn points was to have one team member go into a business in a gorilla suit and purchase bananas. It was a riot!

  2. this is a great idea… although it might be difficult to wear in NYC because I’m visualizing myself trying to get into a taxi… my thoughts are funny, but i’m sure a cabbie wouldn’t be too thrilled. πŸ™‚ haha!

  3. Ahaha, I had a friend who wore a chicken suit one day in high school, and he got kicked out, too. What a disappointment!

    And to answer your question: I don’t think Nashville has any better or worse of a homeless situation that other cities, but we DO have a much more concentrated downtown (since the city is very spread out/not easy to get to/from non-downtown areas without your own transportation), which means the areas homeless people stay in tend to be more concentrated as well. Does that make sense? Ack, it’s still Monday morning…

    • What’s up with all this discrimination against people in chicken suits??

      And yeah, that makes sense. I’m glad, because I really loved Nashville and that was the only thing we noticed!

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