My fail-safe meal

Yesterday I got home from work and played four solid hours of Bioshock 2. I’m obsessed with that game, mostly because it’s a cool game, but primarily because if you play on easy it’s easy enough for a person like me to succeed.

That’s me!

Games that are too difficult on an easy level result in me turning off the console and saying, “I’M NEVER PLAYING THAT AGAIN!”

Back to my point. Because I was so busy playing Bioshock and my food wasn’t getting delivered until the following day, I didn’t have time or ingredients to make a complex lunch.

This meant only one thing: my fail-safe meal option. It’s my dad’s recipe, and for as long as I’ve been alive we’ve been eating it alongside grilled chicken wings soaked in Frank’s Red Hot.

When I’m away from home it’s only the noodles that remain, but I like to think I’m eating them in honor of Frank’s chicken wings.

The recipe is so simple, and all the ingredients are things you’ll always have on hand.

– Spaghetti

– Parmesan cheese (grated)

– Milk

– Salt

– Garlic Powder

– Butter

Simply cook the pasta, and once it’s done and drained put it back into the pan to add the ingredients. A little butter, a little milk, salt, a dash of garlic powder – give it a stir. Then add however much cheese you want. Because the pan is still hot the cheese should melt pretty quickly and the little bit of milk helps it seem cheesier. Without the milk and butter it gets kind of dry and the cheese doesn’t get melty and clumpy the way I like.

It seems simple, but it’s so good.


17 thoughts on “My fail-safe meal

  1. Oh man, Bioshock…I lost waay too much time the first one. On easy. Yeah, I need the easy setting, too. Which is illustrated by the fact that I spent two hours trying to get past the first five minutes of Resident Evil (back in the day…) and have absolutely refused to try another game in the series since that spectacular failure.

    Haha, I’m beginning to think every dad has a 2-second pasta specialty–the simple one my dad (and now I) make is olive oil, garlic and green pimento olives over spaghetti. Yumm. Pasta does NOT need to be complicated to be delicious.

    And my lentil recipe could easily be made on the stovetop, it would simply involve less time, more stirring/watching and potentially more liquid, you’d just have to keep an eye on that as it cooked.

    • I think I’m going to try your lentil recipe because I have a whole bag of green lentils and it looks pretty easy! Plus I prefer vegan stuff despite what my cheesy recipes tell the world.

      I wish I could have recorded my meltdown that happened after Wii Tennis. I ended up in my bedroom (because I’m actually 5 years old) and I never played again even though the game sat on the shelf for like a year. Then I finally sold it, but I still had bitter memories. I was playing with my husband and I couldn’t get it to work and he kept winning, so he thought it would help if he kept yelling and saying Wii was made for old people and little kids lol.

      • Let me know how it comes out if you make it! And I looked for Marmite at the grocery store last night–and actually found it! It was $5 for a 4oz jar so I didn’t buy it, but probably will soon in a moment of budgeting weakness 😀

        The husband clearly does not understand the grudges that develop against impossible video games…

  2. What’s not to love about food that’s a slam-dunk? Your parmed-out pasta = my pissed-off popcorn (popcorn popped in a big soup pot with salt, cayenne, cracked black pepper, garlic powder, and taco seasoning). I love this kind of food that’s just so couch time friendly, you know?

    • Oooh I might try that popcorn. I always pop my own popcorn at home because I don’t like the fake, thick flavor of the butter goo they put on it. I liked it when I was little, but it’s just gross now because you can’t be sure exactly what’s in it!

      • I totally agree, and have honestly never been much of a butter fan really, much less a fan of fake butter (Forgive me, Paula Dean!). Growing up, I always liked my step-dad’s cheaper version of stove-popped either plain or with salt and pepper than the bagged kinds (my Mom didn’t like it much since he was never able to do it without scorching the bottom of one of her pans though!). When I first left for college, I bought an air popper and used to put taco seasoning on my popcorn, and now I never hold back and just unleash my spice rack on those white fluffy morsels! Let me know if you find some good combos! For a quick cheating version of caramel popcorn, sprinkle it with some cinnamon sugar and just add some vanilla to the oil you heat it in!

  3. Yummy!

    Why is pasta such a great food? Probably the mouthfeel and versatility. I just used leftover pasta and heated it up with a great lemon infused olive oil. Dave got sesame herbs and sriracha sauce in his and I did salt and fresh cracked pepper in mine. Such simple dishes, but with nice ingredients they were really satisfying.

  4. That sounds delicious! I’ve always loved plain pasta with butter and parmesan but now I’ll definitely be trying it with milk and garlic powder. Well, if I continue to eat dairy that is…. 😦

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