Dreaming of the weekend

It’s Wednesday and I’m dreaming of Saturday, not because work is bad or boring, but because I followed the recommendation of two bloggers and bought Still Missing, by Chevy Stevens. I can’t put it down and work is getting in the way of me reading it!

On Saturday I can wake up, make a breakfast like this and enjoy a book with no interruptions.

Last weekend I made these scrambled eggs with leftover bell pepper, green onion and a small amount of Mexican spices. My week’s fresh vegetable leftovers often end up in some kind of Frankenstein creation that works or doesn’t work. This worked!

On the side was British-style bacon and a bagel with whole nut peanut butter. I love extra crunch peanut butter!

If you haven’t had British bacon and are a meat eater, give it a try. It’s mostly all meat, unlike American bacon. I think you can probably get it in bigger supermarkets or maybe places like Whole Foods.

Hurry up, weekend!


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