The case of the missing bobby pin

This has nothing to do with food, but it’s a mystery close to my heart so we’re going to discuss it anyway.

Bobby pins have a life of their own and it drives me crazy. CRAZY. After you open a box they eventually develop tiny metal legs and they get up and leave your house forever. That is the only way I can explain buying box after box for the past 26 (let’s say 20, assuming I started hair pinning when I was 6), and losing every single one of those effers. I’ve lost literally hundreds of bobby pins. The saying “needle in a haystack” should be “bobby pin in a house.”

The woman who created this is a genius. A fantastically simple idea has made my day:

A magnetic strip on the inside of your medicine cabinet. All your bobby pins, tweezers, whatever.

If I had been the one to come up with this I’d be telling everyone I met because I’d be so excited. “Hi, I’m Sara and I have a magnetic strip on my wall that keeps all my bobby pins from escaping to the mysterious Land of Bobby!”

I might not have any friends if I said that, but I’d have all my bobby pins and isn’t that what’s really important here?


10 thoughts on “The case of the missing bobby pin

  1. hahaha. when i used to dance i had bobby pins EVERY WHERE! i have almost black hair so obviously i would buy online black bobby pins… well, every once in a while all of a sudden someone’s blond bobby pin would show up in my bathroom drawer… i have always wondered how the heck they got to my bathroom.

    • Omg I wonder the SAME thing. I have an assortment of pins I’ve never and would never buy in my drawer. There will be blond ones, big ones, different styles, anything except what I need.

    • I was thinking that too – because of course we’d have to remember to put them on the strip and if we can’t remember to put them back in their box how will we remember the strip? This is why I’m thinking these things evolve and grow legs.

  2. That is completely genius! My bobby pins disappear by the hundreds as well. But then some reappear when least expected or desired. Put on a pair of jeans that haven’t been worn since they went through the wash? Pocket full of bobby pins. Put on a shoe? Bobby pin is in there. Vacuum out the car? Ohh, bobby pins flying everywhere.

    • YES!! That is so true. Never when you want them, yet you will find them everywhere. I have a bad habit of taking them out of my hair and pinning them to the bottom of my shirts or inside sleeve, and somehow they always make it through the wash without budging in the slightest or rusting on my shirt.

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