Let’s talk about Tootsie Rolls.

If you’re a person who has ever tried Tootsie Rolls and you gave them away to trick-or-treaters last night then you’ve failed as a human being.

I’m done talking about Tootsie Rolls now, but talking about Halloween has reminded me of the time my niece, Maria, came home with a can of custard in her bag. Someone clearly forgot it was Halloween and decided to empty the cupboard. Apparently the guy made her choose between a can of custard and a can of spaghetti hoops.

That’s the custard in the corner of the picture.

A short while later I was babysitting her and she asked if she was allowed to eat her custard. I said yes because I’m a horrible adult, so she ate a can of custard with no cake or anything to put it on. Does it count as acceptable if she was happy?

Here’s Maria this year. I had to post this picture because she’s so cute.

To my knowledge she didn’t get any custard or spaghetti hoops this year!


6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Tootsie Rolls.

  1. Canned goods! Yes. I’ll keep that in mind if we ever get caught without treats 🙂 I guess there’s always money. Kids love money.

    Also, Tootsie Rolls rock. I used to mush a bunch together and stuff them in my mouth. Oy. My dentist loves me.

  2. Haha, that’s a cute picture (well, both are cute, but I like the witch one). And I’ve gotten that desperate after running out of candy for kids, too, haha. I was handing out quarters in desperation one year, but felt like a cheap-o.

  3. Haha we never get trick-or-treaters so we never buy candy. I always think that if a kid shows up I’ll just go in my cabinets and give them a can of soup or a granola bar haha! I suck!

    • At least you’re better than me ha ha. What I didn’t mention was that if any kids came to my house they were left out in the cold with no candy 😦 I wasn’t even there!

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