My no sugar challenge.

When I first started typing this post back at the end of October my mind was already going crazy at the thought of no sugar – in the title my fingers accidentally spelled out “shugar” and “suger” before I got it correct. Then on November 3 Starbucks came out with their holiday drinks selection and there was no way I was not going to buy an iced Gingerbread Latte every single day. Yeah, I did (am doing) that. Clearly this was not meant to be.

I realized I needed to cut out sugar because it makes me feel sick a lot, and I have an addiction to soda. Let’s be clear here – it’s soda, not pop! Don’t argue with me.

I had no pictures of me drinking sodas except this one of me out on the lake this summer, because it would have been awkward of me to sit in my office taking pictures of myself sippin’ a soda. There’s always the argument that it was weird of me to take this picture in the first place, because it totally is.

I was going to try the 7-day challenge of no sugar unless it’s natural, like from fruit. Then my friend reminded me that the Christmas drinks at Starbucks were coming to town like Santa Claus on November 3, and then until today I kind of forgot I was going to do this challenge.

Why am I cutting out sugar, you ask? Essentially sugar violates my whole “eat only what makes me feel good” philosophy. Sure, it makes me feel incredibly happy when I’m eating it because it’s OMGSOGOOD, but then I always feel sick. I’ve never finished a stack of cookies and afterward thought, “That was a really good idea. I’m glad I did that.”

Except the below mess. This looks like a pile of crap, I’m aware of that. However, it’s one of the best desserts I’ve ever eaten. Readers, meet pecan pie from the Neelys’ restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee.


A few months ago I read a very interesting article in the New York Times about the potential dangers of sugar. I’m not one to subscribe to the vastly varying philosophies on which nutrients are good/bad at the moment, but this article really did strike a chord with me. Especially since sugar already makes me feel sick!

Definitely have a read. It’s long, but it’s worth it.

In my no sugar challenge I won’t cheat by having fake sweeteners. No sweetness unless it’s natural! Now I just have to decide when to start …


16 thoughts on “My no sugar challenge.

  1. Great goal! I like sugar in reasonable amounts, like a once a week healthy-ish cookie treat, but am not a fan of super-sweet stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to eat more than a bite of pecan pie. Though Nashville/The South DOES know how to do pecan pie. My goal is cutting out the fake sugar, my digestive system does NOT like it. In a bad way.

  2. I have gone back on forth on completely cutting it out, too, except for natural (of course!).

    I settle for reaching for honey instead of sugar (even while baking), and saying “wine has natural sugar” instead of having a cocktail with a soda mixer…

    I definitely agree the sugar substitutes are not the way to go based on what I’ve read about (1) how our brains are actually smart enough to figure out we’re being tricked and they avenge the deceit with raging cravings for more calories/sugar, as well as (2) duh- increased risk of cancer from putting weird sh*t in my body.

    Bravo for you! I’m inspired and want to try the no sugar challenge. I’m nowhere near commitment level, stuck at inspiration. 🙂

    • OK, I definitely have to do this now. Once I get settled into my new place I’m going to try just 7 days at first, then maybe in January I’ll try the entire month. I gotta be honest though, it’s Christmas so it would be TOO difficult!!

  3. I gave up sugar for about six months before my wedding. It hurt initially but I felt AMAZING afterward. But it helped that I was eating clean. *Sigh* I’d love to go back to that eventually. I have been struggling with giving sugar up since I moved here. I love love love the chocolates here. Oy.

    When are you planning to do it? Maybe I can jump on your bandwagon? Maybe you can make a cute badge/button for participants to put on their blog? Hmm…!!!

    • That is such a good idea!!!! The badge thing, that is.

      I still don’t know when I’m going to do it. I’ve had such a crazy few weeks that I have hardly had any time to make any meaningful meals. I need to start running again too. I ran a 5K in Clapham back in October but that was the last time I had my running shoes on 😦

      • I want to start running again too! Must be something in the air. Going to start Couch to 5K the Monday after Turkey Day since this coming week is going to be a trip prepping for it and all.

        Maybe it can be a New Year’s challenge? Cliche but why not? Give people time to prep (like binge eat /throw out/donate all sweets).

        • Great idea! I loved the program. I didn’t finish it, but it still work. I think I made it to week 6 then just started running and eventually ran a 10K somehow. It was painful, but I did it! What are you doing for Thanksgiving in London?

          • Yeah. I never finished the program the last time I did it but I got to join to running group that kept me on track. How I wish I could find a nice run/walk group to join. Anyhow…

            We’re hosting a few friends for Turkey Day. I am trying my hand at buttermilk pecan pie. The main reason I’d like to give up sugar after the holidays 🙂 I’m awful, I know.

  4. I’ve considered this as well. However, I have a MAJOR sweet tooth, so I don’t even want to try to cut it out completely because I’ll just be setting myself up for failure. But I do want to drastically reduce the added sugar that I eat. I’ll never be convinced that I should cut ALL sugar (like fruits) because that’s just crazy and in my opinion, completely unnecessary. But yeah, I need to cut back on the added sugar. But there’s added sugar in everything! Even things like ketchup and peanut butter have added sugar. Grr.
    I also don’t do the fake sugar. At all. That stuff’s bad news.

    • Yeah, I’m not a fan of any diets that cut out anything completely (unless it’s for medical reasons of course). I’m a big fan of moderation, and I think it’s necessary.
      I’m sooo sad to admit I drink Coke Zero. I’ve cut back drastically because I know it’s so horrible. It’s my shameful secret.

  5. I think that is so awesome! I’ve been really trying to cut out refined sugars on a day to day basis, because it’s just not necessary. I also feel that when I eat refined sugar once, I crave it over and over again – it’s like an addiction. But once you stop for about a week, that need for sugar should fade and it will be much easier. Good luck, can’t wait to read about it!

    • Yeah, it’s hard to believe but that actually did happen to me once. In college I stopped drinking soda and after a while I absolutely never craved it. It was hard to give up at first, but you’re right, just a little time. Hopefully it’s the same for candy bars 🙂

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