American Thanksgiving in my tiny London kitchen!

I’m all set up in my new house!

Here’s my tiny, yet perfect London kitchen:

Big city life, eh??

I’m hosting a proper American Thanksgiving dinner this weekend at my new place. I invited a few work friends over so it will be their first Thanksgiving! I have people from England, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, India and Italy coming over.

We’re having all the classics: turkey, cranberry sauce, maple roasted sweet potatoes, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, pumpkin pie, stuffing.

Here’s our future turkey, recipe from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop:

I’m going to make Cassie’s homemade cranberry applesauce (from Back to her Roots) because it looks perfect and easy.

I’m actually making a couple spin offs of her Thanksgiving recipes because I’ve tried a few of her recipes and her stuff is generally great! I would make my own recipes, but I’ve never made Thanksgiving dinner before so I want a tried and tested recipe.

I’m also making Emily’s vegan stuffing (from Daily Garnish). Her stuff is always always always fantastic.

And to end the day, here’s a totally true funny for you::


8 thoughts on “American Thanksgiving in my tiny London kitchen!

  1. Your kitchen is really cute! Having just recently moved to a bigger city & smaller kitchen myself, I am interested to see how a huge meal challenges the space. Looking forward to hearing how it turns out!

  2. Your kitchen may be small, but it’s awesome! And you’re in London, so that’s another huge bonus! I can’t wait to hear what your guests thought of their first Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks, although I should show you my completely stuffed cabinets! I’ll have to do a full house tour sometime šŸ™‚ I LOVED your idea for cranberry basil butter, btw. Perfect.

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  4. your kitchen is much bigger than mine. want to trade!? šŸ™‚ and lets not talk about the laundry machine you have! now i’m officially jealous! looks like you have a backyard? luckyyyy!

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