Adventures in quiche making

At what point does a quiche simply become a vegetable pie? Because this was totally a vegetable pie.

Manuela and I randomly decided to try making a giant, healthy quiche last weekend. The only problem with most quiches is that they are way too eggy and not enough veggie, as I’ve said before.

We went to the store and bought any vegetable we fancied. Mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, onion, spinach, bell pepper. We used a puff pastry base with strips of puff along the top to make it look cute! (for an actual recipe, visit Manuela’s blog. I also forgot to mention we added a tiny bit of chicken to this. The pie was so big and so veg-filled I didn’t notice it!)

Veggie party.

Poured in all the veggies then filled in the cracks with two eggs, a little plain soy milk and topped with a variety of herbs.

The cuteness took so much work. We had a teeny bit of pastry left and this part took us longer than chopping all the veg but we were determined to have a pretty pie!

For some reason we thought this beast would cook in 20 minutes. No. It took more like 45, but probably wouldn’t have been as long as that if we hadn’t kept opening the oven every 5 minutes to check if it was ready.

At this point it was dark so no natural light for pictures 😦

You get the point, though. It was good. Veggietastic!

We wanted to go light on the dairy, but I think next time I’d add a bit of sharp cheddar or nutritional yeast to give it a slightly cheesy edge. I’d also add more garlic! And maybe broccoli. Broccoli makes everything better.

Have a great weekend! I’ve got a busy one – it’s my Thanksgiving meal tomorrow!



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