Coconut oil orzo with black beans

Coconut oil: my new obsession. Slightly coconut-y, buttery and creamy tasting all at the same time. Perfect as a butter substitute because it’s great over vegetables or plain pasta, like orzo.

I’ve taken a strong liking (addiction?) to orzo with coconut oil and sea salt. I’m aware this seems a bit weird, so I don’t know how keen I am to recommend it on my blog as something you must try. I, however, am in love with it and if you are feeling adventurous, give it a try! Another thing I love which people seem to find weird is dipping peanut butter or tuna sandwiches in tomato soup. I will not eat a bowl of tomato soup unless I have one of those two sandwiches to dip in it.

Friday I tried adding black beans to my coconut orzo to make it seem like a bit more of a meal, and I think it worked a treat. Black beans work so well in either sweet or spicy things, and they were perfect in this as well.

So, yeah. Try it or not, but at least now you can’t say you haven’t heard of coconut oil.


14 thoughts on “Coconut oil orzo with black beans

  1. Actually, coconut and black beans sounds quite normal to me :-). Ever have Chipotle’s cilantro lime rice? I make it at home and I sometimes add a little bit of coconut (oil, milk, or fresh grated depending on what I have at the time). Sooooo delicious! ~Ruth~

  2. This looks amazing! I love using coconut oil, but I rarely use it in savory dishes, and I don’t know why, because it works just as well. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    • Exxxxxcccelent idea. (said like Mr. Burns.)

      I’m in love with shortbread, and with a slight coconut flavor I’m betting they will be completely wonderful. I think I even have a recipe for shortbread already!

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