Thanksgiving in London

Rather than spending this Thanksgiving in London on Skype watching my family eat a big meal while I eat a sad plate of canned spinach like last year, I had some friends over for a traditional American Thanksgiving feast.

My friend Manuela came over in the morning and we cooked for 8 solid hours.

I made Cassie’sย cranberry applesauce while she worked on Emily’sย sourdough stuffing.

Cranberry sauce was great! Really fresh tasting, few ingredients and spot on in traditional flavor.

The stuffing was beyond gorgeous. I think it’s safe to say it was my favorite dish of the feast! We probably would have had a bit more to serve people if we hadn’t kept taking little bites as it was cooling.

We somehow ended up doing equal amounts of work and making the same number of dishes, although I have to give her credit for the turkey. I can’t touch raw meat!

I wish I had more nice photos of the food, but when it starts getting dark around 3 pm you don’t have a lot of options.

Family picture.

Feast being served.


Turkey, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, pan-fried Brussels sprouts with bacon, apple and balsamic, maple syrup roasted sweet potatoes, sourdough stuffing, cranberry applesauce, green beans cooked in a white wine lemon butter sauce with shallots, and PUMPKIN PIE (in the fridge!).

Lots and lots of wine (in classy cups since I don’t have wine glasses yet).

Excited turkey carver.

I’m sad Thanksgiving is over, but I’m looking forward to the Christmas season. Even though I dislike mince pies I think I’m going to attempt to make my own …


16 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in London

  1. I was away from my family on Thanksgiving last year, and it was really, really nice to gather with friends. It’s my family’s favorite holiday, so it would have been easy to sit around and mope! I’m glad you had a fun (and delicious) time.

    I’ve gotta admit … I have no idea what mince pie is.

    • Yes, it was really nice not to sit and mope this year!! Mince pie is a weird British Christmas treat that’s like a little pie with some kind of fruity filling in it. I don’t really like them, but I’ve never met a Brit who doesn’t love them!

  2. Way to make it Thanksgiving even if you aren’t with family! And yumm, I love cornbread stuffing the most, but that sourdough version looks/sounds delicious too. And I made cosmos in a whiskey glass over the weekend for similar lack-of-drinkware reasons. Gotta make do!

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