Cookin’ for the weekend.

So excited. My work Christmas gathering is Friday! I say gathering because we don’t have official parties at my company.

A little Tuesday humor:

Maybe I should stop quoting Mean Girls sometime this decade? Nah. Not yet.

Tonight I’m making sweet potato chili, recipe courtesy of Andie Mitchell at Can You Stay for Dinner?

Considering I’ll be making mine in the depths of a dark English winter, I somehow doubt my chili will end up looking like Andie’s:

I’m hoping this pot of chili will last me until the weekend. Speaking of which, I can’t wait for the weekend! I used to bowl a lot in high school, but ever since I moved to London I haven’t been able to find a place where people bowl competitively. I think I may have found one in a distant suburb of London that’s going to require a bit of travel, but it should be worth it. I really have my hopes up!


10 thoughts on “Cookin’ for the weekend.

    • Can you believe I’ve never made any kind of squash chili or sweet potato chili… and who knows, orange is good with chocolate, and chocolate is good with chili, so maybe there’s room for an experiment!

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