Stick a fork in me

How cool are these?

Cool bandages, or “plasters” as the Brits say, have been an annoyance as long as I can remember. I’ve always had some box of super awesome bandages in the medicine cabinet, but lo and behold I never get cut and they all go to waste.

Is it too much to ask that I acquire a scrape deep enough that I’m able to mend it with a picture of the High School Musical cast? (What, you don’t have a box of HSM bandages at home?) Fine, HSM isn’t your thing. But don’t even try to tell me that you can walk down the first aid aisle and not find a box of bandages with your favorite something on it.

I figure the kitchen is probably my best shot at getting cut badly enough to wear a bandage, but not so badly that I need a cast or gruesome amputation. You know the saying “stick a fork in me – I’m done”?

I say stick a fork in me so I can wear a freakin’ cool bandage for once.


13 thoughts on “Stick a fork in me

  1. Every time I get hurt and need a bandaid, I make up something clever. Who wants to tell people they burned their hand on the toaster oven trying to grab out mini pizzas without a potholder? It’d sound so much cooler to say you were seriously wounded in a dance off! I need these bandaids! Love them!!! πŸ™‚

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