I hurt here.

Today I went to work.

It was 5 am, so I needed coffee.

I ate a box of chocolate-covered coffee beans, drank a few glasses of cherry juice, and then Manuela called asking if I wanted her to bring me a coffee on her way to work. What kind of person says no to a coffee being delivered? Not me. I told her to go ahead and throw another box of chocolate-covered coffee beans in as well.

So I ate some more beans, drank some more coffee and then it was time to go home. But I didn’t go home. No, I met a friend after work and made another trip to Hummingbird Bakery.


We bought four cupcakes, because how is a person supposed to choose just one of the scrumptious flavors?

I had some more coffee. Espresso, to be exact. And then I ate more cupcakes.

We tested mocha, carrot cake, vanilla and the famous red velvet.

And this …

… is why I hurt here (hurty areas highlighted in red):


27 thoughts on “I hurt here.

  1. good god….you shouldnt be hurting but running around in circles like a duracell rabbit after all this coffee and sugar…

    • Yep … especially considering I’ve had to wake up at 4 the past two days and rest of the week! But at least I’ll have more funny stories because I’m sure I’ll end up doing something stupid like this again ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You are fantastic. My food guru Kris Carr (crazysexylife.com) says that going “cold tofurky” when trying to shift your eating habits almost always guarantees failure…not that you’re trying to do that. Binging is OK from time to time! It teaches us how our body doesn’t want to feel. I’ve done it lately with doublestuf Oreos, Biscoff spread (cookie butter), and Chai lattes (not much better than espresso). My stomach cramps, yoga pants feel tighter the next day, and head hurts. Green Goddess smoothie to the rescue. Feel better!

    • Ha ha! Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking. I wasn’t, really. Kinda just spiraled out of control and yeah I’m definitely having a Green Goddess type smoothie today!! Whole bag of spinach waiting in the fridge.

      Oh and doublestuff Oreos, I LOVE THOSE!!! Well, I love any Oreo to be honest. And I’ve always wanted to try Biscoff, but I’m not sure if they have it in London. I’ll have to check Whole Foods!

  3. Ha, this is hilarious! I would have felt like complete crap after a day like that, but I’ve had similar ones:) I actually read this yesterday (I think) and it totally got cupcakes on my brain. So after lunch, I had an amazing cupcake from a shop around the corner from my office. It was SO good. And probably had about 600 calories. I blame you.

    • HA! You should have documented the experience. I read your post about it being 70 degrees, and I’m totally jealous. Sunny weather and cupcakes is a lot better than sideways rain stabbing your eyeballs!

      • lol, I don’t know what you’re talking about….sideways rain stabbing your eyeballs sounds like pure bliss;)
        The weather really has been amazing here lately, but it’s just to make up for our horrific summers!

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