The case of the starving housemates

I don’t know what my housemates eat.

Here is my cabinet:

Here’s my other cabinet:

And here is the cabinet next to mine that THREE people share. One of those items isn’t even food. It’s soap!

What do these people eat?? We’ve been living in this house for well over a month now, and still no more food has appeared in this cabinet.


Fine by me, though, because that means I have more space to rock out with my … spatula … out. That didn’t even make sense. Or rhyme. What I mean is, I can jam to John Mellencamp when I get random urges to listen to his music loudly.

I saw him in concert back in college and he was great, but I kinda forgot about him until recently for some reason.

Let’s rock. (look at his dancing! and his hair! it’s too much.)


7 thoughts on “The case of the starving housemates

  1. I’m in the same spatula-out boat as you! I live with three other people, yet I take up 80% of the cabinet space, the fridge is pretty much empty except for my stuff, and the freezer contains my food plus a few bags of freezer-burned veggies that I’m pretty sure were there before ANY of us moved in. How do they live??

    • My fridge is the same way!! Sometimes I start to feel guilty, but then I just think, well, if they haven’t bothered to fill up the empty space they do have why should I let precious real estate go to waste??

      • Exactly! I used to feel bad about all the cabinet space I take up, but heck, clearly it’s not going to be used any time soon. I’ll just spread out and take over, it’s clearly my domain. They can have the gloomy wood-panelled tv room/”den,” I hate that room anyway…

  2. Looks like they’re ready to roll out if the volcano blows. I kid, I kid! (We’re 20+ miles from the volcano, btw; I was in more danger when I lived near Mt. Rainier in Seattle (if it blew)).

    That really is crazy, but I have lived like that in the past when I was living very transiently. It was hard to invest in cooking essentials when I knew I was leaving again in 6 months. My short stay mainstays were olive oil and salt. Anything above that was extra 😉

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