Taco flavored kisses

There’s nothing I like more than a punny shop sign. Or church sign. Churches are good for that.

Apparently so is Taco Bell.

This randomly made me think of South Park and Taco flavored kisses.

And then that made me think of another taco-themed South Park, when the kids go to Casa Bonita for a birthday party. Cartman isn’t invited, so he tricks Butters into hiding in a bomb shelter for a week so he can go in his  place. This episode was exciting because Casa Bonita is a real place and I’ve been there. When I was a kid we lived in Denver, and trips to Casa Bonita were SO COOL. There’s a waterfall, cliff divers, a gorilla, a cave, too much!

It was a highlight of my life until I got a massive case of food poisoning. Or just a stomach bug. Either way, I didn’t eat Mexican or melty cheese for about 10 years.

I found this clip on YouTube where the creators are talking about this episode, and how they also used to go to Casa Bonita as kids and thought it was amazingly cool.

I love this quote:

Police Officer: Well kid, you made an entire town panic, you lost all your friends, and now you’re going to juvenile hall for a week… was it worth it?

Cartman: Totally…


4 thoughts on “Taco flavored kisses

    • That would have been great!! Although as the South Park creators said in that interview it’s a bit of a disappointment as an adult ha ha, just a restaurant in a strip mall. But STILL. Cliff divers?? Gorillas??

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