An experiment in vegan cooking – spiced red cabbage salad

When my mom was pregnant with me she said the smell of rice made her feel really sick. I don’t know if it’s related, but I hate rice and I’ve hated it my entire life. I hate the smell of boiled rice, I hate the thought of a lump of rice on my plate, and more importantly I hate the taste of rice.

I can tolerate it if it’s doused in curry sauce or another highly flavorful sauce, but in those cases I just think, “Why am I wasting stomach space on this crap?”

With that being said, I made a rice dish yesterday. I’ve been wanting to eat more vegan foods, so I’ve looked to my favorite food bloggers for inspiration, particularly Daily Garnish because she makes a lot of vegetarian/vegan foods.

I liked the look of this spiced brown rice and cabbage salad. It’s probably great, if you like rice.

But once the rice was cooking I was like, there’s no way in Satan’s lair I’m going to like this. Tons of rice! Hardly any cabbage. As I was putting it together I tasted it and it was disgusting (not Emily’s fault – purely the rice’s fault!).

I ended up changing the recipe quite a bit to suit my needs, and came up with something I’m pretty pleased with. I cut the rice amount by more than half, and added the bulk back in with tons of extra cabbage.

Emily’s recipe called for raw cabbage, but I kind of feel like a goat when I sit there vigorously chewing raw veg for too long so I quickly sautéed the cabbage to slightly soften it before putting it in the mix.

In addition to completely changing the portion sizes of ingredients in the original recipe and not adding turmeric, I also added a couple things (which I’ve marked in bold).

Brown rice, toasted pine nuts, dried currants, red cabbage, cumin, ground ginger, curry powder, salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, agave nectar.

It worked a treat! What resulted was a mildly sweet vegan dish that’s heavy on veg rather than rice. I love the different bursts of flavor you get with each bite – currant, pine nut, cabbage, and obviously anything that has balsamic vinegar is a win in my book.

Have a good Wednesday!


9 thoughts on “An experiment in vegan cooking – spiced red cabbage salad

    • Yeah, I guess because they think rice seems so unoffensive. I sort of understand because it doesn’t have a strong flavor, but it’s just so … nasty! But yes, red cabbage is awesome and I realized I don’t eat enough of it!

      • I’m ok with pilau rice and biryani, but plain white rice is horrid! Something about the texture maybe? I don’t eat very much red cabbage either, it’s not something I ever think of making for myself – but I’ve been inspired to now 🙂

  1. I’d go for veggies over rice any day of the week, too. I can’t stand white rice unless it’s sauced up too–and then, like you say, why waste the stomach space? Black rice is a SLIGHT exception, it actually has some flavor and texture that I enjoy, although I won’t be eating more than once every few weeks. Red cabbage is a favorite, definitely love all the flavors you added to it!

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