A look at 2012 food trends

Thanks to Cayla for posting this article from USA Today about 2012 food trends – it was a fun read and got me excited for the year ahead.

Number three on the list was “Korean is the new Thai,” and to that I have to say, “thank goodness!” I don’t know if it’s the same in the US (I assume from its inclusion on the list that it is) but in London every other pub you see is a pub/Thai kitchen. That’s not even counting all the full-on Thai restaurants.

I enjoy a good Thai meal every now and again, but I’ve always felt Thai food was vastly overrated and completely shocked that most people I know haven’t had even tried Korean food. Perhaps this has to do with my military brat upbringing. Most Air Force bases have a number of Korean restaurants in close proximity to the base because a lot of airmen spend considerable time overseas.

My aunt at my favorite Korean restaurant in Dayton:

My plate full of Bulgogi:

Another thing I’ve noticed for a while are the fancy salts. For some reason I find them intimidating! There are so many different types I don’t even know where to start. I think I’m going to make it my mission to pick five different salts and report back. Anyone else have salt experience?

I would have counted food trucks as a 2011 trend, but here they are again! When I went back to Indianapolis last summer I met up with the managing editor of Indianapolis Monthly magazine and she took me to test out one of the trendy new food trucks popping up all over the downtown.

My orzo salad from the Slow Food truck. SO good.

It was for a feature, so other editors went to different trucks and we brought all the food back for a pot-luck type thing. Very fun!

My last thought on the trend list: PICKLES. Bring on the pickles. I’ll start with a giant basket of fried pickles, but really, anything that has pickle attached – gourmet or not, actual pickle or pickled food – has my stamp of approval.


8 thoughts on “A look at 2012 food trends

  1. I do love Thai, but I definitely wouldn’t argue against a few more Korean options. Or Vietnamese–there’s an amazing Vietnamese restaurant that I adore, but I think it’s the only one in the entire city.

    And fried pickles! They need more love. Especially the one sliced like in your pic. Mmmm. The restaurant that sells my favorite veggie burger just so happens to also sell amazing fried pickles. A double win–totally worth the 40+min wait time that is always involved to just get in the door.

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