Fish sticks, in Italian

On G-chat I informed my Italian friend that I was eating a lovely (gag!) lunch of fish sticks and diet coke.

In England they say fish “fingers,” so a lot of people laugh when I say fish sticks.

Manuela:  lol “fish sticks”
 me:  lol
Manuela:  it’s a stick of fish. darling, pass me a stick of fish
me:  yeah, finger makes it sound nicer than it is
it really is a molded, breaded stick of “fish”
 Manuela:  yeah true
to be fair in italian we call them fish little sticks
 me:  little?
 Manuela:  bastoncini di pesce
cos a stick is bigger, on average, than that. definitely longer
 me:  ha ha so you’ve taken it literally
guys look, sticks are bigger
we need to clarify
 Manuela:  yup!
 me:  lol so funny
 Manuela:  bastoncini as opposed to bastoni
 me:  what is bastoni?
 Manuela:  sticks
 me:  like from a tree?
 Manuela:  yeah or walking stick

Not to be confused with a fish stick.


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