I miss my momma.

Although I don’t have my mom to make me food before school anymore (or ever, sadly), she’s sending me some Crest Whitestrips!

In my e-mail to her I envisioned myself sounding all Cartman-like. Maaaaammm I need some Crest Whitestiiiiipss!!

This is completely unrelated, but for some reason I thought about the movie Step Brothers yesterday, and I couldn’t stop watching clips from it. When it first came out I almost refused to watch it on the grounds that it would be inherently stupid due to Will Ferrell’s presence in it, but I ended up laughing through the entire movie. Watch this clip, and if you don’t even smile then I don’t want to know you.

If you don’t know what it’s about, basically these two middle-aged people meet and realize that each of them have 40-year-old sons still living at home. At first they hate each other and make their parents’ lives hell, but then they become best friends. This clip is right after their parents line up some interviews for them to finally get a job.

Also, this clip. I can’t stop laughing.

Dad, it’s shark week!


3 thoughts on “I miss my momma.

  1. Aww, sweet of your mom! I miss mine too–especially being sick, I want her here to make me soup with saltines and make a huge fuss about a mild cold. Dragging myself to work, pretending I’m not sick and making my own food is not nearly as much fun…

    And STEP BROTHERS. Yup, I avoided it too, expecting it to be dumb…and then laughed my way through it. But that tends to happen with me and Will Ferrell movies–I think I’ll hate them…but then I don’t. Anchorman? Hilarious genius.

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