Things that happened to me at work today.

Sometimes you see a picture of something so gross that it’s an event. Today one of my co-workers sent me a blog post about a can of chicken. Seems innocent enough – but it’s a whole chicken. In a can.

“Gross,” I thought. But then I saw the can give birth to the chicken:

I want to un-see this, but I can’t. So now I’m showing you.

If you want to see more pictures, follow this link for the original post, or click on the picture.

Another co-worker sent me this link about what can happen if you’re frying a turkey and don’t follow proper precautions.

My favorite part of the press release:

“Every Thanksgiving, we receive reports of accidents involving turkey fryers,” said Mike Convery, chief claims officer and vice president for MetLife Auto & Home®. “Some of these stories are quite serious, too. For example, not so long ago, we had a customer whose overturned turkey fryer ignited his motorcycle’s gas tank. He suffered serious third-degree burns and endured months in rehab — not to mention the total destruction of his home.”


Then, another co-worker sent me this picture of a fried chicken head.



6 thoughts on “Things that happened to me at work today.

  1. Hahahahahaha!!!

    I want to un-see that! Love it. I know chilen feet is a specialty in some Chinese cuisines, too. Not sure if those are pickled or fried. That head is icky.

    The “safety standdown” training prior to thanksgiving was a video of turkey fryers exploding in flames. The military requires safety trainings all the time, but especially the week of a weekend holiday – trying to reduce accidents when people have more than 2 days off of work

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