Too healthy for words.

My eyes hurt. They want to go to sleep, and even though I’m all by myself I’d simply feel too uncool to go to bed at 7 p.m. So I’ll carry on!

And here you find a top-quality picture of my lunch box for work tomorrow:

Kale with smoke-flavored sea salt (found at Whole Foods – yum!), carrots baked with salt + pepper + garlic powder + EVOO, and my favorite dish – orzo pasta with black beans and coconut oil.

Too healthy for words, right?

I can’t stop drinking Oatly chocolate oat milk. It’s so good! SO GOOD! [I’m grabbing you by the shirt collar as I say that.]

I might.

No other non-dairy chocolate milk even compares to the real thing, but this is just as good as the real thing!

Just for the record, I’m on my fifth carton of this.

Wherever you are in the world, have a good Monday.


11 thoughts on “Too healthy for words.

  1. Woah, so healthy! And I’ll go ahead and admit I had one of those tired eyes days yesterday…and DID fall asleep at 7:30. Of course, I woke back up at 10 and was wide awake, but it felt sooo good for those few hours.

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