Pickles & Pineapples

Today I went with my Kiwi housemate to Borough Market, where two of her Canadian friends met up with us. (North America!)

[I’ve been on a Katy Perry kick today, so I’m totally rocking out to Teenage Dream as I edit these photos + blog.]

Love this place. Do not come to London and not go here.

We went straight to Kappacasein to get the famous cheese sandwich. So glad they’re back! For £5 ($7-8) you can enter cheese heaven.

Holy freakin’ crap the line was long. I was like, “It’s 3 pm, WHY are all these people eating NOW?” – as I was getting ready to get in line and eat. ;p

The orange arrow indicates where the start of the line is. (Or do you call it the end? Remember in A Christmas Story when they have this end/start confusion? I say the end of the line is where you enter the line.)

There were people behind us at this point!

At least we got to look at Southwark Cathedral while we waited.

Finally (!) we got to the tent. You can see the flames heating the cheese, which they then scrape off onto your potato.

I was drooling.

That’s my stupid hand, very nearly dropping the whole thing as I tried to photo the glory.

These daring Kappacaseiners tested the waters to see if they could make this dish any better, and they somehow managed – by adding pickles! YES.

As the three of us were chowing down on pickles and cheese-drenched potato, the Canadian (whom I’d never met before today) turns to me and says, “You know, pickles make your vagina smell.”

“Wait, what? Did you just say ‘pickles make your vagina smell?'”

“Yeah, and apparently pineapples make it smell good.”

Ha! Normally I’m a bit hesitant around new people because I don’t want to come out with something like this and offend people, but here it was coming from someone else. Loved it!


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