A crappy glass of wine gets a facelift

Saturday my housemate and I decided to go on a pub crawl in our local area, which consists of two pubs. Naturally we went all out, ordering two glasses of the cheapest wine available.

We took a couple sips, and tried to pretend like the night was off to a rockin’ start. After about three minutes both of us were like: this is gross.

I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve suffered through a sour, nasty glass of wine. I could simply learn more about wine, rather than resorting to the standard cheapest-on-the-menu glass. But that takes work.

Caroline, however, is a smart chick. She suggested mixing it with Redbull, but I was very hesitant. How good could it be? I figured it couldn’t get any worse, so I told her to get some ice while she was at it since I’m a firm believer that ice makes every drink better.

Armed with some ice and an energy drink we had two wine glasses filled to the brim.

And two happy faces, because it was actually really good!

I thought it tasted similar to vodka + Redbull, which I love but rarely drink because it makes me feel like I’m going to die and also it’s expensive. Case in point: Last week at a bar in Balham I decided to end my five-hear hiatus against my beloved vodka + Redbull, so I happily ordered two for us.

When the bar tender told me it would be £17 for two drinks:


5 thoughts on “A crappy glass of wine gets a facelift

  1. Another great solution for cheap, crappy wine: Add gingerale. It’s like slightly alcohol sparkling grape juice! Ahh, if only I didn’t have reason to know that. Another solution? Actually ask the liquor store employees for a recommendation for good but cheap wine. I still pay the same amount, but I end up with decent to good bottles now–funny how just asking never occurred to me earlier…

    • Random story. One time I was sick so my sister (who was visiting) went to the store and bought me ginger ale. Turns out British ginger ale is WAY strong!!! Totally not the same. Later I noticed that stores here sell “American style” ginger ale. Anyway, I think I will try out your solution, because I kind of like wine mixed with sparkling sodas or fruit!

      • Haha, I probably should have specified “weak” gingerale–’cause I love the super spicy-gingery stuff (Trader Joe’s has an awesome version), but yeah, would not mix well with wine. Need some Canada Dry or other “American” one for the sparkling wine 🙂

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