Eat, Pray, Love: Copenhagen Style.


I booked a random trip to Copenhagen, and it’s exciting for two reasons.

1) Due to visa/passport renewals I’ve been a prisoner in England since September.

2) This is my first solo trip!

I’m really nervous, but excited, about #2. There won’t be any praying, but there will be lots of eating and loving the gorgeous scenery. I fully expect to take hundreds of photos.

My sister and her boyfriend came to visit me last year and took a side trip to Copenhagen. She said they got lost, so they asked a random guy if he spoke English and he looked confused and said, “Of course!” Ha ha!

Naturally I’m most looking forward to the food. This is one of my sister’s breakfasts while in Europe last year:

I love Europeans.

I also find humor in seeing the different names for common things like Lay’s chips.

I can’t wait!!

Has anyone else been on a solo trip or to Copenhagen?


17 thoughts on “Eat, Pray, Love: Copenhagen Style.

  1. I have! About three months ago. It was such an incredible time. Everyone was SO sweet–not just the Danes, but all the travelers I met at my hostel, too! I also highly recommend popping into Sweden while you’re there. It’s so easy to get to and Malmo is an awesome little city. Ahh, have a great time!!

  2. I used to do solo day trips, back in my part-time days (*sigh*…free time, why aren’t you in my life any more?), but I’ve never done a big one by myself! And I’d love to. Especially to anywhere that serves a breakfast like that. WOW. I would be one happy, happy gal.

  3. That breakfast is beautiful – I love the morning amuse bouche!

    I did a solo trip for a long weekend to Vienna, Austria and LOVED it. I’m sure you’ll have a great time. I still like traveling with people, but there is a certain joy about just doing 100% what you “feel like” doing in a new city, without any sort of compromise. Of course, those compromises sometimes lead to fun adventures, but you know what I mean.

    Can’t wait to read about it and see pics!

    • Aw thank you! It encourages me to hear about other people’s fun solo trips. I’ve felt like it’s something I’ve needed to do for quite some time, and I’m excited to see how much stuff I can get done without having to consider someone else’s desires šŸ™‚

  4. How exciting! I can’t wait to see the pictures and hear the stories! I’ve never taken a solo trip, but I’ve always thought it would be cool. Well, either really cool and fun or really awful….but I think yours will be really cool! šŸ™‚

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