One for the Money

Hey guys, guess what? I finally saw One for the Money. Boy do I love Janet Evanovich and Katherine Heigl. Go read the book. Then see the movie.

Also, I finally made a curry-type dish that didn’t turn into a giant, disgusting disaster.

In my experience nothing goes wrong more quickly than a curry. When I saw Emily at Daily Garnish post about this eggplant curry a couple weeks ago, I was wrongly skeptical. It was great! (I guess technically this isn’t a curry?)

Before you start cooking, put on a good tune so you can dance around with your knife. Maybe minus the knife.

I always get a little sad cutting into an eggplant. They look so perfect and feel so nice!

It smelled delicious the whole time it was cooking.

I ate mine with a sweet potato, since I don’t really like rice. For some reason this seemed a bit wrong, but I went with it and am glad I did!

I don’t know if this is weird, but I enjoy potato skins far more than I ever enjoy the potato. The flavor! The texture!

If you’re like me and have tried at least five different curry recipes that were horrible, look no further. Too bad I didn’t come up with this recipe!

By the way, check out my sweet new Joseph Joseph measuring cup. Yeah, that’s right. Double sided.

Happy Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “One for the Money

  1. Hmm, I don’t know that I’ve ever had a curry go wrong on me–but I usually make them in the crockpot and directions like, “Put all this stuff in a pot. Wait 6 hours.” are pretty hard to mess up. And sweet potato skins are definitely the best part! Which is awesome, because it also saves the hassle some crazy people go through of peeling potatoes.

    • People who peel potatoes are no friends of mine! I even like the skins on in mashed potatoes. I seriously need to get a crock pot. And as far as my curry disasters, I probably just got really unlucky in finding crap recipes.

      • I’m not a huge mashed potato fan–but if I must eat them, I want skins in there too. I think squash skin is my favorite–acorn squash skin/butternut squash/kabocha, it’s all good. And YES to the crock pot, such an easy way to make big stews/soups/curries for the week (and a great way to come home to a hot meal waiting on you–not something I’m used to having happen otherwise).

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