Vegan chocolate coconut oats

Vegan chocolate coconut oats with a special guest star: pumpkin seeds!

I think I’ve said before that I don’t like oatmeal, but I had some extra coconut milk left over from yesterday’s coconut curry so I decided to try an oatmeal with mix-ins that strike my fancy. Namely, chocolate, coconut and punkin seeds.

I’ve GOT to have crunch in my oatmeal, so the seeds were what could be described only as a touch of perfection.

You’ll need:

1/2 cup oats
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup half-fat coconut milk
sprinkling of dark chocolate
sprinkling of pumpkin seeds

Cook for one minute, adding more liquid if necessary. Top with chocolate and punkin seeds. Done.

I don’t think this needed any sugar because of the chocolate and also the coconut milk is mildly sweet.

If you do nothing else today, listen to this song.


15 thoughts on “Vegan chocolate coconut oats

  1. Let’s hear it for more coconut! And us being on similar food-usage patterns. I love sunflower seeds–I stopped buying sunflower seed butter because of the price, and, oh, I miss it.

    • Ooh I bought sunflower seed butter last time I was in Ohio and loved it! I’m a fan (when I eat it) of crunchy peanut butter. Do you like coconut oil? I LOVE it but it’s quite expensive. Totally worth it though.

      • I currently have a jar or two of crunchy PB sitting around, haha. It’s no SSB, but I still love it–and can afford to eat a jar of it a week. I am obsessed with coconut oil, too! It’s basically replaced olive oil in all my cooking and veg oil in all my baking–but yeah, WAY more expensive than other options, although Trader Joe’s just started stocking it and it is significantly cheaper there than other places (like Whole Foods–their coconut oil prices are ridiculous!).

        • The only coconut oil I can find is from Whole foods, so it’s like $8 or so for a small jar, and the price goes WAY up from there. I seriously need to meet some vegan friends in London!! 😦

          • Sooo, definitely went out and bought a jar of sunflower seed butter last night. There was no way to talk about it without then fixing that craving…And YIKES on the price–have you checked Amazon? They sometimes have really good prices on specialty items like that–I always get chia seeds and such through them.

            • Ha ha!

              I haven’t, actually. I’ve never bought food on Amazon before, but maybe that’s a way to get things like chia seeds, because I don’t think they sell them in Europe. Or maybe they’re called something else here. I swear I thought I remember reading somewhere that you couldn’t get them here.

    • Luck! I just set it on a table by a window, and it was a bit cloudy out. I didn’t even edit them at all. That’s pretty much straight off the camera! Definitely luck. But thanks!!

    • Ha ha, thanks! Although I think I’ve made a huge error and called them sunflower seeds when I meant pumpkin seeds. I’m even sure. Either way, both are great, and just what oats need!

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