Who loves broccoli and sweet sesame tofu?

I do, I do, I do-oooooo …

Watch this remix of Kel loves orange soda. I talk about Kenan and Kel too much, I realize this.

(please tell me you laughed at that)

Anyway, I FINALLY managed to make tofu that wasn’t just good – it was great.

The sauce:

olive oil + agave nectar + spicy mustard + salt + chili powder + sesame seeds

I’ll make it again soon and take exact measurements, because you and I both deserve a recipe. Also, pictures in natural light would be wonderful!

I took the time to properly press the tofu – makes all the difference. It had a nice firm texture and soaked up the sauce well.

On the side was a vegan bean dip with half a plate of broccoli for dippin’. I got the recipe from Daily Garnish, but I added a bit of chili powder, pepper and garlic powder because the original recipe is a bit bland.

I had enough tofu to fry the other half of the block in Frank’s Red Hot sauce, and the rest of the bean dip and broccoli got put in my special little lunch box.

Side note: I ran my fastest mile of this year! One of my goals was to get my mile down in the 8 minute range, and today I managed 8:30. I’d like to finish my 5K in April in under 27 minutes, so if I can keep this up for another two miles I may just make it! I’ve been alternating distance runs with shorter, faster runs like today.

I think if we can overlook the grass-that-looks-like-clouds anomaly, you can get a fairly accurate picture of what I look like when I run. Except I’m on a treadmill, and wearing clothes and shoes.

Side note the second: I took y’alls advice and got my momma to send me Crest Whitestrips. So glad I didn’t waste money on the dentist option, because these totally worked! Thanks!


13 thoughts on “Who loves broccoli and sweet sesame tofu?

  1. WOOHOO on your mile! Congrats! It is WAY too much work to get those 8-minute miles, how do some people make it seem so easy? And no, there is no way to talk about Kenan and Kel too much. I keep waiting for him to show up on SNL, I can’t accept the existence of just Kenan.

    • Yeah, what’s up with that? I don’t understand why Kenan gets all the glory and poor Kel has faded into the background!

      I read all these healthy living blogs and they make running a 25 minute 5K seem like nothing. That’s my eventual goal!

      • I’ve had this for lunch the last two days and have absolutely loved it!! Now that it’s starting to get warmer, I’ve been trying to lighten up my lunches again, so this was awesome! I also confirmed that I’m officially incapable of frying tofu without burning it… But! I loved the combo for the marinade and think I can bake those bad tofu boys to crispy perfection.

        Oh, and excellent recommendations for the black bean sauce – great improvements! I’ve been loving it over steamed veg of all sorts!

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