Saturday afternoon in London’s Soho

Saturday afternoon I met up with a few of my friends in Soho at Fernandez & Wells espresso bar, just off Wardour Street. When I think of Soho, I generally think seedy sex shops and £2 peep shows, but actually there are a lot of fun coffee shops, restaurants and bakeries I’ve been wanting to try out!

I don’t know why, because we had discussed this meet-up as being a lunch, but I think since I saw the words “espresso bar” I thought there wouldn’t be food, so I ate a giant breakfast before hand.

The food in here looked aahhhhmazing. So fresh.

Since I’d eaten I went with my standard flat white, which was good but I was a bit disappointed they didn’t have a non-dairy alternative to milk and in the end I couldn’t finish it. I should have gotten straight espresso!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m so lucky to work with such fun people that we often see each other on the weekend too, so this was a work-friend meet-up.

I didn’t take a picture of everyone because I’m not sure everyone is as comfortable with fame and impromptu photo shoots as Chris is. 🙂

Modeling Dan’s hat:

Throwing his body in front of the camera :

And here is Zoolander’s food, of which I was jealous because the bread looked fab!

And Dan, organizer of this lunch and owner of aforementioned hat.

Dan’s food. I actually had to ask him to set his sandwich back down so I could snap a quick picture. Nice friends!

Fellow American-in-London blogger, Mela, came as well, although I didn’t get a picture of us together! Definitely check out her blog because she’s so much better than I am at posting about all the cool things London has to offer!

After lunch we headed across the street to Hummingbird Bakery. I can’t get enough of the little take-out containers you get with your £3 cupcake.

Melanie is the gal with whom I shared four cupcakes a couple months ago. I think we may have overdone it. This time we stuck to one each!

(Those packages I’m holding are the books I ordered last week. I’m already halfway through Mockingjay and have read a bit of The China Study already as well!)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


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