A rocket obsession

You know how little kids are always talking about rockets, airplanes, trains, etc.? Well, I’m always talking about rocket, too, except salad rocket.

With almost every meal I make I think, “This would be better with rocket!” If you think about this, I’m correct. Sandwiches, pasta, rice, salad, dips. Yes, even dips. If I make some kind of vegetable dip sometimes I put a pile of rocket on the side and have a bite-full of that as well.

Kalamata olive spread from Waitrose. Impulse buy, and a good one at that! It was perfect on a slice of toast with rocket piled on top.

Except that’s not actually how much rocket I ate. After I took the pictures this happened:

All washed down with two glasses of iced coconut water (with pineapple), and eaten in the SUNSHINE.

London is a perfect day today. 70 degrees and sunny. I’m … what’s the word? HAPPY.

By the way, if you haven’t seen The Hunger Games movie, GO NOW. It was seriously so good. 


10 thoughts on “A rocket obsession

  1. Why are we always on the same food kicks? Haha, I was putting arugula (erm..”rocket”) on/in/with EVERYTHING last week. And only haven’t this week because I haven’t been to the grocery store yet.

    • What??? I had no idea arugula and rocket were the same thing! Makes sense now that I think about it, seeing as how I’ve never once seen arugula for sale in the UK. Speaking of things I never see for sale, I found chia seeds at Whole Foods the other day, so I can’t wait to try those out! Btw, I have started Sabriel and so far love it! And yes, it is odd how we have similar food kicks!

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