Off to Copenhagen!

This is officially the lightest I’ve ever traveled. Here are the entire contents of my bag for my two day trip. Well, a bit less considering I’ll be wearing the shoes, clothes and jacket.

A book (I picked Eat, Pray, Love although I couldn’t stand watching even 20 minutes of the movie. I still thought it was appropriate for my solo trip!), travel guide, two passports (one has my ILR visa and the other is my new one), Danish money, small camera, extra lens for my D5000, pen, booking information, 2 nakd snack bars – I love these! They usually have only 3-4 ingredients and are vegan + gluten free. I hate granola bars, so these are a good alternative for me because they are generally made of dates and nuts.

I am taking EasyJet, so I certainly won’t be getting any food on the plane. I’m the kind of person who is hungry every two hours whether I eat a steak or a salad, so I MUST have emergency food when I travel.

I read an interesting NYT article the other day about the airplane food industry and the complex logistics it takes to feed that many people and keep the food fresh, and the problem of trying to make the food taste good to people whose taste buds are dulled by the elevation.

The only good airplane meal I’ve had was on Lufthansa, which this article mentions specifically. I just loved it!

I was going to Cologne for Christmas markets last year, and I was shocked to get food on the flight. They gave us a little schnitzel and German potato salad – both were great and actually tasted like real food! On the way back we got a pretzel and cheese, also good.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had much time to research what kind of food I can expect in Denmark. Also, I kind of want this to be an adventure so I haven’t planned every single detail of this trip like I normally do. Mostly all I know is that it’s supposed to be nice weather. Can’t wait!

See you Thursday!


17 thoughts on “Off to Copenhagen!

  1. The picture of what you packed caught my eye. I think I will snap a similar photo for an entry I’m planning describing the contents of my bag…traveling to Afghanistan to produce a television program.

  2. Enjoy Copenhagen! The weather is beautiful here. Danish food is rich and delicious. Definitely eat some of the bread a pastries from the bakeries. They really are some of the best in the world!

  3. You are so right about Lufthansa food; it’s weird seeing someone else talking about it. They served us a Turkey cheese sandwich in a seeded bread on a short flight from Frankfurt to Paris that I still remember two years later. Funny 🙂
    Eat pray love, the book, is so much better than the movie.
    Enjoy ur trip 🙂

    • That’s funny that you still remember your Lufthansa meal as well! I thought my short flight to Germany was so nice that it was worth the bit of extra money! And yep – I am loving the book!!

  4. What fun! I can’t wait to hear all about it. And I always have to pack travel snacks, too–usually trail mix. How can people go for so long without food?? Or it just means spending $10 for a tiny bag of chips from the airport stores…

  5. I’m so impressed! Enjoy your trip and enjoy the book. It’s one of my all-time favorites. I even got my copy signed by Liz Gilbert:) The movie sucked big time though.

    • I really want to meet her now! There were so many places in the first section where I was like I COULD HAVE WRITTEN THAT!! She just described exactly how I felt about so many things.

      • Yeah it was pretty awesome actually. I randomly saw that she was going to be in Austin for a talk/book signing on my birthday a couple of years ago. I got tickets at the very last minute and it was fantastic! She’s just as good of a speaker as she is writer and it was so cool to have “Happy Birthday” written in my book by her.

        On a more personal note (but hopefully not too much so), I hope everything is ok with you…that first section isn’t exactly happy:/

        • Aw thanks, I’m fine! I didn’t have all that depression and crying in the bathroom/praying! But a lot of her other thoughts on break ups, why she wanted to be single and travel – all relevant to me! It’s been a bit weird not mentioning specifics on my blog because I write so much about my life. I don’t mind talking about everything but I didn’t really know how to get my situation across without writing a big blog post, which obviously would be awkward!

          • Well I think it’s awesome that you are getting to travel and explore the world and do what you need to do! And I’m glad you’re blogging about it so that I can live vicariously through you. In another life, I’d be doing the exact same thing!

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