Who needs a Hungry Man?

After all the dairy and occasional meat I ate in Copenhagen, I wasn’t feeling too hot. The one good thing about coming home was getting back to my regular eating habits.

I was so tired after work and buying my iPod shuffle (which is clearly mentally taxing), that I wasn’t interested in cooking. I’ve learned to stock a few frozen vegan veggie burgers for just such occasions, because anything can happen when I reach starving point.

Two burgers and one almost forgotten avocado later and dinner was served.

Who needs this …

…. when you can have this?

The burgers have no weird ingredients in them. Just veggies, nuts and spices. The avocado was simply smashed with some fresh lime juice, sea salt, garlic powder and pepper.

I don’t know what it is about avocado (in this case, almost guacamole), but every time I eat it I furiously shovel it down. We’re talking about dangerous fork wielding, potential tooth chipping, furious kind of shoveling. I don’t know if I was just hungry, or it was that good. I’m going with both.

Is it weird that I’m now sitting alone in my room, listening to tunes on my iPod shuffle? I’ve been running in total silence for months, and it was driving me crazy. I would sing songs in my head, but after a couple miles I really needed the motivation of a good song! I got the shuffle because it’s so tiny and will just clip somewhere, versus those giant armbands in which I see people stuffing their big iPhones. No.

I can’t wait to go for a run tomorrow with him tomorrow. He’s small and green, and I love him. I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy.


9 thoughts on “Who needs a Hungry Man?

  1. I have the same “problem” with anything Avocado. I’m pretty surprised any of it makes it into the bowl to be mashed up when I’m making guacamole!

    • Ha! I didn’t mention this in the post, but I really wanted diced red onion in it until I decided that would take too long (a minute?) and I had to eat it immediately. 🙂

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