Pig in the City

Oh. my. word. For so many reasons. One, I’m tired beyond words, so I’m going to leave it at that.

Two: Creamy, tasty miso tahini pasta with no dairy. Veeeeeegan!

I got the recipe, once again, from Daily Garnish.

Do I ever make recipes of my own? All the time. But as I’ve said before, I’m still too much of a flying-around-the-kitchen mess to stop and write anything down. Remember the sweet sesame tofu? That deserves a recipe, but it still hasn’t gotten one.

Anyway, totally make this. It’s a creamy sauce made with white miso paste + tahini and a bunch of fresh veg. I’m loving miso paste. (And mushrooms – when will this addiction go away so I can once again enjoy other things in life?)

Really simple. Toss it together, put it on a nice plate and set it on the nasty kitchen floor to take a picture.

Looks pretty good, and almost gives you the impression I had a lovely meal. It tasted nice, but I ate standing up in the kitchen at my trashed counter. Because I’m … what’s the word? Classy.

I tried to take a picture of myself enjoying my romantic solo meal at the counter, but it doesn’t work so well with a big DSLR. I might not attempt this again.

Or I could get a boyfriend, and have him take pictures of me eating every meal of the day. Because that’s not weird …

I need your help. I have a party coming up at my work, and we’re supposed to dress up in a costume with a movie theme. “Fancy dress,” as the Brits would say. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M GOING TO BE.

So far my best ideas included buying fat suit, a curly tail and painting myself pink so I could go as Babe, Pig in the City. I also thought about going as a piece of broccoli or a green bean, but then realized there aren’t any vegetable movie stars. Or are there …

Dear God, please help me.


9 thoughts on “Pig in the City

    • Oh yeah that thought did cross my mind!! haha! I was worried people wouldn’t get who I was. Although if I happened to be able to get a Mockingjay pin, that could work? My hair might not be long enough either ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  1. Oooh!!! You could go as part of the movie making process, like a costume of film or a script, or editing software. Veggie-tales is a thing, right? Or Popeye with spinach. Costume themes are such fun!

  2. Having someone to take pictures of you during meals is really the only reason for a boyfriend I can think of ๐Ÿ™‚ Mmmm, tahini + anything equals delicious. And mushrooms in anything equals delicious, too, I just have to stop eating arugula long enough to buy something else at the grocery store.

    Haha, I was definitely thinking Veggie Tales, too. Or you could go fruit and be Violet Beauregarde/A blueberry.

  3. I think we are kindred spirits– I cook awesome meals and then eat them standing up in my trashed kitchen on a regular basis. Pure class, indeed. I’m in need of good carb loading recipes right now, too, so I’ll be coming back to this one!

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