Remember when I went to Copenhagen?

I’ve had to answer the same question from multiple people: Why Copenhagen?

Why not? I wanted to go on a random trip, I’d never been to Scandinavia and the price was right for my budget (cheap).

I had an amazing time on my first solo adventure. I took 503 pictures in a day and a half and spent as much time as I pleased sitting at cafes on the harbor eating and reading in the sunshine.

When I think of Copenhagen, I think of the brightly-colored harbor, Nyhavn …

… all the boats

… and all the bikes! I’ve never seen so many bikes in my entire life. They were everywhere, and most of them weren’t even chained up. People park them anywhere and everywhere. I guess when everyone owns a bike there’s really no need to steal.

Plus, in my short experience, Danish people are just too happy to steal bikes. The Danes are extremely friendly, and speak better English than many native English speakers I know!

I’d like to post all my pictures, but obviously that’s not possible so here are a few snapshots!

The park and castle behind the hostel. The weather was so gorgeous that I seriously regretted not bringing my running shoes. You know the kind of perfect temperature where the only way you can imagine truly enjoying it is a nice, long run?

Yes, I stayed in a hostel. I thought I was too old to stay in a hostel (27), but I really wanted to save money. I stayed at the Generator hostel and paid about £40 for a private room with a private bathroom/shower. I can’t say how glad I am that I stayed here. It was as clean and quiet as any hotel I’ve been to, and even better was the location. I was right in the city, about a five-minute walk from the harbor, which quickly became my favorite place.

I don’t know why, but I just loved this statue. I took a picture at every angle and considered making a whole post about it. I love the colors!

This was a dominant color in Copenhagen. So many statues!

I want to live in a yellow house.

Possibly the only time pigeons have looked cool?

These yellow flowers were on nearly every table of the cafes at the harbor and were all glowing in the sunshine.

 A bike outside the hostel.

From my top floor room at the hostel I could see this dome shining in the sun.

I went on an afternoon harbor cruise, which lasted about an hour. Best decision I made in Copenhagen! Although it’s easy to walk (or hire a bike) everywhere you’d want to go, I saw so much of the city from the boat and loved every second of it.

People always told me Copenhagen was very expensive, but I live in London so another expensive city simply seems normal.

In total, this two-day trip cost me about £220. That’s a bit more than $300, and my total includes everything:

Return flights, including taxes (£65 / $100)
Private hostel room with en suite bathroom (£45 / $75)
Spending money (£110 / $150)

My only problem with the city was that many of the places I went to weren’t veggie friendly. In some cases, there were strictly meat options. For breakfast the second day, bacon and eggs was the only option, so I went with it. The bacon was GOOD, so I was a bit upset to drop more than half of it on the ground.

This is a problem that could easily have been avoided if I’d done a bit of research before I left, but I didn’t research a single thing. I bought a travel book to read on the plane, but that’s it. I wanted it to be a 100% random experience, and other than the food issue it was great.

Personally, I think this was a super cheap, easy trip, but my views on “cheap” are a bit skewed considering I live in London. In any case, Copenhagen is a great, friendly European city break and I’d definitely recommend it!


12 thoughts on “Remember when I went to Copenhagen?

  1. That’s it! I’m moving to Copenhagen:) No but seriously, great post! My dad travels to Denmark quite a bit for work and always has fantastic things to say about it, the culture and the people. I’d really love to go someday. Also had to comment on this:

    “You know the kind of perfect temperature where the only way you can imagine truly enjoying it is a nice, long run?”

    Can’t say that I know anything about that! But last Friday the weather was so spectacular here that all I wanted to do was lay on a blanket in the grass, read a book, take a nap and listen to the birds. That’s my idea of enjoying the lovely weather, haha.

    Glad your trip was awesome; the photos are amazing!

    • Thank you!! I’m always jealous of people who get to travel to work, so getting to travel to a different continent would be amazing. I got excited when, after two years, I got to travel across the city to test out our emergency recovery site …

      And that also sounds like a great way to enjoy the weather 🙂

  2. Copenhagen is on my list of places that I have to visit this year. I’m waiting for the weather to improve a bit but reading your post makes me want to go now!

    • I was very worried about the weather since it was late March, but I got SO lucky. It was sunny and warm enough for only a light jacket both days. Btw, I checked out your blog. Love it! I went to Berlin last year and had so much fun.

  3. Oh my gosh, the COLORS! And your photography! I love it. And heck, why NOT Copenhagen? Random destination decisions are the best–and I don’t know how you’d spend less than $300 for a vacation anywhere–unless you know people who live there and can couch surf ;D

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