Too much of a good thing.

I saw Allie’s asparagus tart with a cauliflower sauce and set out to make it because she essentially promised it would be a party in my mouth. Except I didn’t have any asparagus, and I’m too lazy to attempt that base she made.

That left me with sauce.

I had broccoli, but I don’t know. Dipping broccoli in cauliflower seems a bit like vegetable incest or something. They look too closely related and it would be like dipping broccoli in broccoli. So that was a no.

That’s when I decided to instead make a soup, even though I’m not big on soups.

But oh boy, did I get a big head on this one. I slooooowly cooked a diced onion until it was super sweet, then let it continue cooking with a can butter beans, garlic, salt and pepper. It was good. Good! It reminded me of the cream of onion soup at Welliver’s (at one time an Indiana specialty worth driving hours for!).

I chopped up an onion bagel to make croutons, which are stupidly easy to make and I don’t understand why anyone would buy croutons in a bag. Homemade ones are so tasty!

Tear it up, douse it in olive oil and herbs of choice. I chose sea salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Bake at 200 C (about 400 F?) for 15 or so minutes. I have to admit I forgot to time mine, and almost burned them. Oopsie.

I cooked up my cauli, dumped in the butter bean mixture, added some non-dairy oat cream and gave it all a whir in my food processor. Good … but then I remembered I needed to add nutritional yeast. Well … I didn’t need to, but I wanted to because I’m having a bit of a love affair with it.

My hand got a bit zealous, so what was well on its way to be a lovely vegan cream of onion cauliflower soup turned into a chunky mess that tasted way too much like nutritional yeast. Too much of a good thing …

At least the croutons were good.

Once the croutons were done I got really angry and dumped all the soup in the trash can.

Then this happened:

Yeah. That’s the blade of my food processor. In the trash. Talk about a cherry on top.

This soup disaster wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t had to dump an entire pan of enchiladas earlier in the week because I decided to put in non-dairy cheese, which turned out to taste like barf.

Well, I think it’s time to finally start the 6th season of Lost, which I’ve put off for years because it got too stupid for my fragile little mind to handle.

Ta ta!


16 thoughts on “Too much of a good thing.

  1. Oh no! Up until half way through, i thought this was sounding like the yummiest soup ever (and I’m not usually a fan of soup) but then it all went wrong. Sorry your soup was yuck.

  2. It sounded so good! I found myself nodding along at every misstep – forgoing timing and nearly burning, adding something at the last minute because it is a favorite temporal ingredient, putting too much of something in an otherwise well made dish…sigh. Passion for your work can lead to great creations – like you often have – but inevitably, some disasters, too.

    On the Lost note- i never started it because I was up to my nose in schoolwork when it first started, and then it seemed cultish; now it feels like a pop culture phenomenon I need to try out, but I am nervous to start it.

    • Definitely try it out!! I guess some people hate it, but it really is a fun show. It’s much better to watch on DVD though, because it’s perfect for a rainy weekend when you can just chill out and watch like 10 episodes in a row (which I and pretty much all of my friends have done!). The first 2 seasons are excellent, then it’s just good, then the last season is horrible. I’d still recommend it though!

  3. What a bugger. I hate when something good goes bad. I am taking a whole foods class online and there are quite a few tasty recipes I need to forward you. You can adapt them easily.

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