What’s good on a veggie burger?

One of my English friends randomly decided to do an impression of my American accent and this is what “I” said: “You know what would be good on this veggie burger?? MORE VEGGIES!!”

Turns out he was right, more veggies are good on a veggie burger.

Vegan spicy bean burger (from Goodlife) on a baguette, topped with spinach and a homemade salsa of sorts.

Diced tomato + diced red onion + EVOO + lime juice + sea salt + pepper

I’m afraid to admit I might be starting to love maters. I couldn’t get enough of this simple salsa.

I definitely ate both halves and was stuffed, but seriously considered making it all over again.

In other news:

1) I GOT AN IPHONE! I don’t have it in my little hands yet, but it’s in transit! To me. ME! Now I have white teeth and an iPhone. What a life!

2) Booked my tickets to Rome. Somehow managed to find two return tickets (my mom is coming to visit next month) for ยฃ112 return, including taxes. So cheap!

I’m working at 6 am tomorrow so it’s slumber time for me. Goodnight!


16 thoughts on “What’s good on a veggie burger?

  1. That looks amazing (I also haven’t eaten lunch yet, so that could just be my stomach talking)! I like a good black bean burger. Did you have a favorite brand of vegan burgers when you lived in the US?

    Also, homemade salsa is always better than store bought. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Viva Italia!

    Also – yes to veggies on the veggie burger. Veggies are the lifeblood of any decent sandwich, and the patty matters not. The crunch of the onion, the tart/sweet/slime/moisture of the tomato, the filler lettuce (whether it be spinach or arugula), ahhh…that is a sandwich!

    • That’s what I like to hear! “Veggies are the lifeblood of any decent sandwich, and the patty matters not.” Perfect.
      Did you read In Defense of Food? Or maybe it was another one of Pollan’s books. Either way, I remember a passage in it where he was talking about McDonald’s and essentially saying the patty really didn’t have a flavor, and it was all the condiments and sugary bun that you were tasting. It’s totally true! But even with good burgers, the condiments make it.

      • I have read plenty of Pollan, but this one I figured out through trial and error. As a teenager, I dabbled in vegetarian lifestyle and when my friends would make late night (we’re talking 9:30pm!!!) Burger King visits, I would get a bun with ketchup (I loved ketchup, still enjoy it from time to time, but this thought currently grosses me out). Sometimes I would have pickles on it. Um, can we say VINEGAR sandwich. But still, that’s when I learned that carbs are carriers for flavorful substances. The patty usually contains the proteins, but as long as it isn’t gross tasting, it won’t ruin a sandwich. And, I totally agree with you that even the tastiest meat burger is still incomplete without some fixin’s.

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