Guilty pleasure foods.

My mom is flying from the Great State of Ohio to visit me here in London in two weeks!

I’m taking her to Rome for three days. Last year we spent three days in Venice and it was beautiful.

Food-wise, this got me thinking one thing:

My mom is going to bring me Cheetos!!!!

I know. This does not in any way go with my healthy eating/animal welfare views. But I can’t resist Cheetos. I love everything about the Cheeto eating experience, including how your fingers get an orange layer so thick you have to scrape it off with your tooth.

One time my Canadian friend brought a bag back from his trip home, and I ate more than half of it sitting at my desk. That, along with half a bag of Oh Henry! pieces, had me feeling so sick I almost had to leave work because I honestly didn’t think I could make the commute home without puking.

In my brain I know Cheetos are disgusting, and this got me thinking about what other non-whole foods I adore.

One of the worst things I’m scared to admit I love is from Burger King. I actually hate BK.

But a simple egg + cheese Croissan’Wich and those soggy little french toast sticks? Bring ’em on!

Delightfully dippable? It’s almost like the marketing people asked me for a description of these little heaven sticks!

McDonald’s fries. I have these probably once a week. I get them in Waterloo station and munch them on the train all the way home. I know the other commuters are jealous.

When I was searching for a picture of McDonald’s fries, I found this and it disturbed me:

Mexican pizzas from Taco Bell.  I love these so much I’ve been thinking about trying to create a “healthy” veggie version at home. Side note: I got really angry when they took away the green onions and never brought them back.

Of course I’m of the belief that eating these kinds of food in moderation is totally fine, and as I’ve said before I think the problem with our society is more with how much and how often people eat these types of foods. I call them guilty pleasures simply because if I eat these kinds of things more than on the rare occasion I definitely feel sick!

What are your guilty pleasure foods?


13 thoughts on “Guilty pleasure foods.

  1. Your article cracked me up, we moved to Brussels 8 months ago from Portland, Oregon and the fast food my 6yr o,d daughter and I miss is the mexican pizza from taco bell… I can see it with my eyes closed… Smell it… And taste it…. Soo good, can’t wait to go back there this summer to have some major taco bell blast. Thanks again

  2. Oh man, I could go on for days about all of the crap food that I love to eat. But I almost never eat any of it. So I guess I should go with the “bad” foods that I love that I actually do buy and eat on occasion.
    Chick-fil-A. I probably get this once every month or two. Love their waffle fries!
    Dove dark chocolate. I keep a canister of individually wrapped pieces at my desk and eat at least one or two every day.
    Ice cream. I don’t buy it often or I will end up eating some EVERY night until it’s gone. But damn if I don’t love the stuff! Mmmm…..
    Like I said there’s tons of other junk that I love, but I never buy it. I did get a major craving for Cheetos a couple of times while I was pregnant though and had to buy a few bags:)

    • Omg … I don’t like chicken and I never really have BUT, BUT I love Chick-fil-A sandwiches!! It must be that little pickle they put on. But they are just so tasty! And yep, Dove choco is great too!!

  3. Ohhh, my go-to junk food will ALWAYS be poptarts. Always. Although tater tots are in fair running (at least if it’s dinner time). And Reese’s Puffs cereal. And I’m with ya–yeah, there’s junk out there, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Just balance it out with the good.

    • When you were college did you guys have tater tot casserole? That a staple meal at Indiana State. And oddly … I haven’t eaten a pop tart in about five years but just this week I was saying, “I think I could definitely go for a poptart right now.”

      • Hmm, nope, I can’t remember seeing that in the cafeteria, but I went to a school that prided themselves on being in, I dunno, something like the top ten for best college cafeteria food, so they actually had really good stuff, and one whole dining hall that was predominantly vegetarian. I transferred to a bigger/trashier school, but then I was living in an apartment where I could cook, so I don’t think I ever ate on campus. Anyhoo, long ramble. And I think once every five years is probably the recommended dosage for Poptarts, but once every few months is much tastier 🙂

        • Wow. I remember when I worked in the dining hall people would complain all the time about a lack of vegetarian food. The response was that there was a wide selection: baked potatoes, salad bar, cheese pizza and the occasional non-meat main dinner option. Haha!! I wasn’t a vegetarian, but I thought it was a total joke. You can’t expect people to eat from a salad bar 3 meals a day for a year. Or 4 years.

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