A day in the life of a normal person

I’ve turned into a bit of an iPhone monster. It’s all I can think about since it arrived in my hands Friday. We’ve had our ups and downs, which I’ll soon write more about, but so far we’re happy. I’m happy.

It’s good to be a normal person with a normal phone. (Except normal people probably don’t drop their phone in their mouth while trying to talk in bed. It hurts, by the way. An iPhone bouncing off your tooth is probably an experience you could get away with reading about rather than trying yourself.)

And look! Just what you’ve always wanted. The ability to experience my commute with me:

I can usually see Big Ben on the way to work, but I was on the wrong side of the train. Instead, you can look at my truly pathetic breakfast. I paid £1.60 for this piece of crap “toasted” bagel with “butter.”

I could have bought an entire pack of bagels that actually taste like bread for £1.20!

Washed down by my daily soy latte or mocha. It varies. This one was free due to my frequent flyer miles at Nero.

At lunch I went for a walk around the South Bank and tested out Instagram.

Meet Southwark kitty:

The weird fish lamp posts along the Thames:

And moody Blackfriars Bridge:

I ❤ my iPhone!


6 thoughts on “A day in the life of a normal person

  1. > crap “toasted” bagel with “butter.”
    Whoarrr! You’re beginning to sound British using ‘crap’ instead ‘crappy’ in that way… But you’re right, that really looked like crap to me as well.

    Jeez! I luuuuurve your eyeglasses!

    Your pictures – they could make me weep with nostalgia…!

    • Thank you 🙂

      Ah! You totally caught me out. I didn’t even realize I was sounding so British but you’re right!

      And I’m going to be able to take pictures of London all the time now with this phone 🙂

      Oops, two smileys in one reply … not good.

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